How to Decorate Your Own Stunning Backyard

How to Decorate Your Own Stunning Backyard

February 16, 2016 Off By admin

There are many reasons why you should set up a beautiful backyard for your home. For starters, it’s a wonderful area to enjoy – whether for a barbeque or just sitting about with the children enjoying the breeze. It also adds to the real estate worth of the home and tending to a garden or flowers is known as an effective therapeutic process.

Fortunately, setting up a beautiful yard does not require any previous gardening experience. It’s all about taking things step by step, watching key shows and Youtube tutorials, and figuring out what you want your perfect backyard to look like.

Let’s get started on the basics!

  1. Set a Goal

What sort of back or front yard are you looking to create? Do you prefer a space that is open so kids can run around or play, or a stronger emphasis on numerous flower beds that bring butterflies and hummingbirds? Will you set up a vegetable garden within your yard?

The very first step to any yard set-up is creating a plan with a goal. Once you have figured out exactly what you want to achieve from the area, you can start looking into the next steps.

  1. Create a Plan

Once your goal is clear, the next part of the process is coming up with an effective plan that uses the backyard area appropriately. Where do you want to place plants & flowers, décor, lighting and seating?

The best option is to create a plan either on landscaping software or simply on paper. Make sure to use appropriate measurements so you won’t be defied by a situation where the plan is impossible to move from paper to reality.

  1. Picking the Plants

Now is the fun part of putting together a backyard: picking the plants and flowers! Plants & flowers are the heart and soul of any backyard – they bring the most colour and life to an area, so picking the right combination is imperative.

There are numerous issues to take into account when selecting plants, such as the amount of water and sunlight each plant needs, whether they will ‘compete’ with each other for water sources underground, and their ability to withstand the seasons.

Make sure to select the plants based on placement as well. Head to a greenhouse or plant store to take a look at the selection up-close and ask questions.

  1. Selecting the Décor

This is the second enjoyable part of setting up a backyard – picking out the décor! Whether it’s selecting pieces such as the traditional garden gnome or elegant planters that add a touch of finesse, finding the right decoration can really put together a space.

In this case, try to match the colour and size of the decoration to the space and plants. Make sure that that the pieces are allocated properly and will be clearly visible to the eye. Aim away from decoration that can hurt children or animals, and try to be creative with their use.

If you need inspiration, search on Google, watch relevant shows on ‘Home & Garden’, or look through the ever-powerful Pinterest.

  1. Planting & Set-up Time

Now comes the hard work! Whether you need to lay a new lawn or simply place plants and planters around the backyard, it’s all manual labour. Grab some helpers such as family, friends or even your children and get to work. Do things slowly and carefully and make sure to delegate the workload.

Prepare the soil if necessary, plant seeds or previously-grown plants & flowers, place the decoration and pots in their pre-planned spots, and enjoy how the yard comes together piece by piece.

Try to enjoy the experience and of course, the benefits of having your own beautiful backyard!