The Secrets To Preparing Your House Before You Sell It

The Secrets To Preparing Your House Before You Sell It

July 1, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Doug Kerr

There are many factors that influence the decision to move home. Growing families need extra space and more bedrooms; nightmare neighbours can drive you insane. Maybe it is because of employment. Whatever the reason, you will need to sell your home to help pay for a new one. Cast a critical eye over the building and ask yourself if it looks attractive to potential buyers. If it doesn’t come up to scratch, you must do something about it. Here are the secrets to prepare your house before you sell it.

The Entrance

You must make the approach to the front door attractive. That begins with a garden gate, so if it looks in poor condition, replace or paint it. It is a job that will only take a weekend at most, but it says much about the house and the people that live there.

The path up to the front door must be clean and weed free. A pressure washer does the job well. It will remove dirt and grime from any material, but remember to brush some fresh sand over a block paved surface afterwards.

The front door must be perfect. Even if it is old it will look good with a new coat of high gloss paint. Fit new furniture to make it look better than it did.

A nice looking front door to a home with landscaping.

The Frontage

The house must have curb appeal. Is there anything you can do to make your frontage look more attractive than it does now? You must tidy the garden and clean or replace the gutters. New guttering doesn’t cost much, but it makes the home look in good condition. The internal window dressings will affect the view too, so if they look dull, replace them. Your house must look its best when the estate agents in Cobham post pictures of it online and in the newspapers.


Bathrooms suffer from water damage and limescale, so clean it thoroughly. Armed with some white vinegar in a spray bottle you can make the room sparkle again. If the silicone seal around the bath has black spots, replace it because they will not clean off. Scrub the grout between the tiles with a mixture of bleach and washing powder to make it white again. A clean bathroom is vital when people see your home.


If your kitchen is worn out, you can make it look better by fitting some new cabinet doors and drawer fronts. They are easy to fit and are standard sizes. You might need to drill a hole in them to recess the hinges, but that is easy. You will find a drill bit in your local DIY shop.


Spring clean the entire house. Buy new duvet covers for the beds and scatter cushions for downstairs. Set the dining table as if you were about to have a meal. You must keep the house in showroom condition until it sells because viewers might call round at any time. They say that the smell of coffee makes the place feel homely, but I think everyone is wise to that idea now.

Any house will sell, but if you want it to sell fast and for the best price, you must put in some effort. It is all worth it in the end.

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