The Perfect Patio for Entertaining Guests

The Perfect Patio for Entertaining Guests

April 23, 2015 Off By Jane

There are a few things to consider when creating the perfect patio space to entertain and impress guests this summer. According to TRUEGRID, a patio space in the yard or garden offer the ideal venue for dinner parties, cocktail receptions, or simply a quiet conversation space to engage with friends. There are some cool and creative decorating tips that can be adapted to fit the specific theme of the day, as well as overall hints for using a patio for summer entertaining and outdoor parties; however, the perfect patio for hosting guests relies on a few basic features and fixtures. Before summer events and get togethers, consider the following essentials needed to transform a patio into the perfect party space.


The first thing to consider is the patio’s surface. Is it smooth and flat or textured? It may also be possible to add extended living space from the existing patio with interlocking patio tiles or stone pavers set into the earth. These can create a comfortable, intimate patio space quickly and easily.


If guests are coming, it is nice to have a place to sit. Choose outdoor furnishings wisely. Comfy, upholstered furnishings will take up a lot of space, so more streamlined accessories may be more practical for those that entertain larger groups. Bistro sets provide a great, resilient dining set, and several of these can turn the patio into a perfect party venue. Talk with contractors about bench seating around the patio, providing a border of sorts, to optimize the space of the feature.


According to TRUEGRID (click here), the epitome of convenience is to have access to an outdoor kitchen when entertaining guests. If this is simply not practical, set up the grill or a barbecue nearby. A fire-pit may provide the only item needed, and can be used for roasting hot dogs, making s’mores, or keeping warm, without the investment of outdoor kitchen fixtures.


A patio cover will provide both shade and protection from rain, which are both integral characteristics of the perfect party patio. These make it possible to sip tea comfortably during a warm summer rain shower, as well as prevent outdoor parties from becoming a disaster during extreme weather conditions. An investment in a great patio cover or awning is a prudent one.


An adequate lighting system is a must for the patio, particularly when entertaining, and solar-powered fixtures may not be enough. Provide safe access to the space with stake lights or solar foot-lights, and provide some sort of ambient lighting to illuminate the entire patio as well. Talk with retailers about alternatives to running cords and cables across the patio to provide ample light.


Give the patio a bit of cohesion with the natural surroundings by bringing in potted plants, container gardens, or trellis of climbing vines and foliage. These features not only merge the party space of the patio with the natural environment surrounding it, but they also give it an aesthetic allure that will lend to any event or get-together. Create lattice walls with climbing plants such as ivy, wisteria, or roses, to create a romantic, vintage atmosphere in the space.

There are few spots in the home that are as tranquil and serene as a lovely summer patio space. These also typically accommodate more people, are less formal, and provide a detour from the confines of a conventional dinner party. Evaluate the patio for these essential features and transform a simple patio into the hub of summer gatherings and entertaining this season!