How to create a romantic couples bathroom

How to create a romantic couples bathroom

November 28, 2014 Off By admin

Are you forever fighting with your partner on who is getting in the shower first, are you fighting to use the sink and feel like all you ever do is argue when you’re in the bathroom? What you’re missing is a romantic couple’s bathroom interior, where you and your partner can spend quality time together after a stressful day at work. Here are ways that will help you transform your bathroom to a room that is perfectly romantic for you and the other half:

Fill it with scented candles
Nothing cries romantic than a room full of candles that boast beautiful scents. They make you feel relaxed and help you to unwind, especially if you both have stressful jobs or kids that are a handful. Put the candles around your bath, on top of the toilet, window ledge or on top of your surfaces. Add them wherever you feel they’ll look great but also bear in mind practicality, you don’t want to put them anywhere where you could risk starting a fire.

Double shower
I wouldn’t be surprised if you can’t count how many times you’ve argued about who is going in the shower first. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you both went in together? A double shower is also great for us ladies when shaving our legs, as we don’t have to prop up our leg against the wall, we can sit down and do it with ease.

Have two sinks
If you’re forever fighting about using the sink too, installing a ‘his and hers’ will make life much easier. It can be annoying when our partners leave a dirty sink behind but if you have one each, there is no need to complain. This will mostly be appropriate for larger bathrooms. It will mean you can get ready at the same time and catch up on your day, discuss plans or just tell each other how much you love them!

Large bath
Buy a large bath that is big enough to fit the both of you in. If you want to make it extra romantic you could turn your bath into a Jacuzzi by purchasing a whirlpool bath. Ensure you have lots of bubble bath in your home for when you want a luxurious soak together.

How to Add Luxury to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Elegant furniture
Elegant furniture can contribute to a romantic bathroom as it can make you feel good about yourself whilst making the room feel more luxurious and grand.

Why choose window shutters for your bathroom?

Install a light dimmer
A light dimmer can add a romantic aura to the room. Most of us look great when the lights are dimmed, our eyes glisten and our skin looks tanned. A dimmer is perfect for when you want to take a luxurious bath with your other half but don’t want to rely on the candles for light!

Add flowers
Near enough every girl loves flowers and what better finishing touch to a romantic bathroom than adding a small bouquet, ading a few flowers on the window ledge or by the sink(s). They will give off a gorgeous scent which will leave you waking up in the morning feeling refreshed!