Sandwiches You Should Make with Your Child

Sandwiches You Should Make with Your Child

March 17, 2015 Off By Jane

If your child is tired of the same old ham & cheese sandwiches or PB&Js, it’s time to get out of your rut. According to Berkel Sales and Service, introducing your child to many different flavor combinations helps them develop a varied palette and eat healthier when they grow up. For even more fun, cut the sandwiches into fun shapes with cookie cutters or roll up the bread like a pinwheel. Here are some sandwich ideas that your child may enjoy when they’re feeling adventurous.

Increase the Vegetables

Fresh veggies like spinach or tomatoes add color to a sandwich. Think of using sprouts, avocado, or even chopped up broccoli to encourage kids to eat more veggies and introduce them to new flavors with other ingredients that they like. Pickles or olives make great additions to a sandwich as well. Try to not use too many different ingredients in the sandwich. Cole slaw is another easy addition that adds flavor and crunch.

Consider Fruits

Slices of apples or pears are great with many types of meats and cheeses. They would add crunch to an otherwise bland sandwich. According to Berkel Sales and Service, many chicken salad recipes include strawberries or raisins for a distinct flavor profile and your child may the refreshing change. You shouldn’t limit yourself to traditional sandwich ideas and fillings. Even dried fruits, like cranberries or raisins add a new flavor to your plain old sandwich. Mix them with cream cheese or mayo so that they don’t slide out. Jams or jellies are another fruity addition idea.

Traditional pie and mash ideas

Change Up the Bread

There are a number of options to use as the bread. Think about biscuits or tortillas. If your child has never tried the Middle East versions of flatbread, like naan, they may enjoy softer bread that can be rolled up. Crackers would make a nice change of pace, as would hamburger buns. Think about using bread made of different grains, rye, oatmeal, or whole wheat. Your child gets fiber they need and learns to eat different things. Open-faced sandwiches are also a nice treat that looks very pretty on a plate. You could even make a type of filled sandwich with puff pastry. Put the ingredients between two pieces of pastry and bake.

Meat and Cheese Options

Just about every child enjoys pizza flavors like pepperoni and Canadian bacon. Why can’t you put those meats in a sandwich? Use a variety of cheeses, like Swiss, Gouda, or even cream cheese. Mix up veggies with ricotta cheese and make a filling that tastes good and is healthy. You don’t even have to use meat and cheese for protein options. There’s always peanut butter, almond butter, or even hummus. Refried beans are easy to spread on tortillas for a quick sandwich that’s healthy. Look around the deli counter for ideas.

Some Specific Combinations

If you need some great combinations that would work well together, try ham and cheese with slices of pear. If you’re having a vegetarian meal, use tomatoes, cucumber, sprouts, and avocado. Chicken salad with grapes, nuts, celery, and mayo is a fun choice. Take a page from Elvis’ recipe book and use crumbled bacon, peanut butter and bananas wrapped in a tortilla. Pepperoni and mozzarella with olives, peppers, and an Italian dressing on a Ciabatta roll will make you think of a pizza. Puff pastry filled with taco meat and cheese is a nice change of pace from the traditional tortilla. Apricot preserves with chicken and Gouda, served open face looks elegant for a tea party. Blackberries with cottage cheese on whole-wheat bread or grilled cheese with cheddar and apples are a fun way to encourage eating more fruit. The options are limitless!