Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Growing – And Eating – Vegetables

Easy Ways To Get Your Kids Growing – And Eating – Vegetables

March 24, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

Let’s face it, kids and vegetables are not a match made in heaven. It’s nothing short of a miracle if you can get the vast majority of children to even look at one without pulling a disgusted face. But if you can get your children to grow the veggies themselves, you could quickly see a transformation. Let’s get started…

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Start Indoors With Pretty Colors

Tomatoes and radishes are great starting points for growing veggies with your kids. And you aren’t restricted to growing them in the warmer months, either. In fact, growing them with hydroponics or indoor lights can make the experience even better for them. Companies like Hydrofarm or Canna are great for hydroponics, or you could try Led lighting from the likes of HydroGrow. Those lush colors will soon pique their interests – especially when the green tomatoes start blushing red.

Use Herb Boxes

Herbs can be a little strong for a lot of kids’ taste buds, but if you only use a small amount they can start getting used to different flavors. They also grow quickly and are easy to look after. Put the herb boxes somewhere that they can see them – bedroom window sills are ideal – and let your children water them. Once they see how fast they grow, they will be more than interested in finding out how they taste.

Develop Their Garden Skills

Once your child has got used to seeing things grow with their own eyes, they will find it easier to understand those that grow beneath the ground. Carrots, potatoes, and beetroot are the next steps for vegetable-avoiding kids. They take a while longer to grow – up to and around three months. It’s important at this stage to keep their interests up because  three months is a long time for kids to be waiting. Try keeping a photo diary so that they can compare the size of leaves. When they see what lies beneath the soil, they will be amazed.

The Green Stuff

Ah, the green stuff. Think you will never see the day your child doesn’t turn their nose up at lettuce, cabbage and cauliflower? Think again. Start with something simple and that they can see. Peas are ideal – and they may even like the taste more fresh out of the pod. Cabbage might take more work, but if you plant a red or purple variety they will be more willing.

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All through the process of growing vegetables with kids, you should be educating them in the importance of healthy eating. It’s a good time to share the value of what each vegetable brings to the human body. Talk to them in their language. Vitamins mean nothing to kids, but carrots can help you see better? Wow! Come up with some amazing meals you can make with these simple tools and you will soon see an improvement to their veggie intake.

Don’t forget that not only are you planting seeds in the ground, but you are also planting seeds in their minds. Horticulture is such a valuable life skill, and with any luck, your child will be munching on veggies very soon – and for a very long time.