Salon Styling & Services and Why They Make Financial Sense

Salon Styling & Services and Why They Make Financial Sense

June 12, 2015 Off By Jane

If you’re considering on whether to go to a salon or its large chain counterparts, you might wonder if there’s any comparison between them. However, once you get to a high end salon, you’ll certainly have the answer: The differences are noticeable and significant, and the level of service you receive can give more value to the money you spend.

Superior Customer Service

Generally, the customer service experience at a quality salon is far superior compared to one you get from a standard chain facility. Being treated as a valued client instead of just another customer in a large crowd is the norm for these salons. In an upscale setting, the focus is most likely on client retention, which means providing quality work and treating clients well. At a big chain salon, the focus is on the quantity of clients, and it’s for this reason that customers may suffer a lack of quality service. With this, it’s apparent that the former focuses in getting a good reputation while the latter only cares about immediate profit.

The Time Factor

Your time is certainly valuable, so you want to attend to more important matters as soon as possible. Although getting in and out of a chain salon quickly might seem more efficient, you may need to return sooner than you wish. This is more noticeable when the service quality is mediocre, since you will need to schedule return appointments to fix an errant cut or an unsatisfactory coloring job, wasting more time in the process.

Conversely, the professionals at a high end salon will typically value your time without compromising quality. Even while waiting, you may be treated to ambient music and appealing refreshments to pass the time. As mentioned before, the quality of service is apt to be superior to that of a chain facility, so you won’t need to return as often. In an era when time often determines the loss or gain of money for many people, this degree of efficiency is invaluable.

More Services Available

Another cost-effective benefit of going to an upscale facility is the variety of services available. Many large chains provide basic services, such as cuts, coloring and quick styling, with a few providing some nail services. A quality salon is more likely to offer a broader range of luxury services, like waxing, facials, and massage in addition to hair and nail care. Going to a single salon for multiple services in one day could save you a considerable amount of time and cash as compared to scheduling various services at several different places. Feeling relaxed and attractive is sometimes a multidimensional effort, and the convenience of achieving such a state in a single place is priceless.

When you invest a bit more in high quality services, you will ultimately save time and money.  As such, considering the advantages of switching to an upscale salon is important, and the best course of action is to schedule an appointment. You’ll see the apparent difference of the level of service in one visit.