Buying a Family Vehicle

Buying a Family Vehicle

June 11, 2015 Off By Jane

In the market for a new family car? Buying a vehicle the whole family will enjoy can seem daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Doing your research is key, so here are some things to think about when considering a family car. According to Houston Overhead Door, your source for garage door repair in Houston, the first step to any successful car buying venture is to peruse websites, visit dealerships, and ask family and friends how they like their cars. This will give you a wide base with which to compile your favorite vehicles.

Safety Ratings

Safety is a big concern, especially when you’re responsible for transporting little ones to and fro. Whether you get a sedan or minivan, you want one that has excellent safety ratings for peace of mind. Check out the 5-Star safety ratings on the brands and models you’re considering by visiting This site allows you to check on crashworthiness and rollover safety by model, class, and manufacturer, and compare safety ratings among all of them.

Seating Capacity

This is one of the biggest considerations. If your kids are babies and toddlers now, look ahead to the future when they start growing and get into sports, dance, gymnastics, and other extracurricular activities. These will place demands not only on the capacity of your car but on the mileage as well. Think about any additions that may happen to your family down the road. Do you plan on having more kids? Do you babysit other children and need to accommodate them as well? Do you have aging parents whom you will have to care for in the near future? If your kids are of school age, are you part of a carpool? Figure out how many you have to realistically seat and go from there. As said above, your kids have lots of baggage, such as sports equipment, dance paraphernalia, book bags, and more that will take up lots of space. What about grocery shopping? Where will you put all the bags?


In addition to plenty of space to put bulky stuff like sports equipment and book bags, you should also take a look at the compartment space, such as cup holders, activity trays, and in-door bottle holders that keep things in their place and the car clutter-free, advises Will a stroller fit in the cargo area? Can you get it out easily? What about special family outings; can you fit luggage and other travel necessities in the vehicle? Do you want roof rails to stow skis and bikes when heading on a trip?

Ease of Use

One aspect many families overlook in a new vehicle is how easy it is to get in and out. If you have small kids or elderly parents, make sure the step to get into the vehicle isn’t too high. Look for a grab bar near the door or window as well. Try putting a car seat in there and buckling it up. Can you get it in there easily enough and make all the necessary adjustments? Can you place your child in the seat without too much hassle or bumping of heads? Are the seat belts easy to latch for older kids who can do it themselves?

As you can see, there are many considerations that go beyond price for buying a family vehicle. Do your research and be well prepared for the next journey in your life.

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