Ordinary to Extraordinary: Black Diamonds Revolutionizes Anti ­Aging Serums

Ordinary to Extraordinary: Black Diamonds Revolutionizes Anti ­Aging Serums

September 30, 2014 0 By Jane

I’ve been searching for the perfect anti­aging cream that’s both effective and affordable. Browsing around online, I found quite a few impressive creams with all natural ingredients, claiming to quickly eliminate wrinkles and give skin a radiant glow. While each of the creams I’ve found offered great results, there was one anti­aging cream in particular that caught my eye: Black Diamonds. It uses an extensive list of natural ingredients, with its secret weapon being actual black diamond dust. Before I dive too deep on Black Diamonds anti­aging cream, I’d like to discuss some other creams that I found with beneficial ingredients and results.

Vitamins Firm Skin With Fragrance of Aspen Bark

One of the anti­aging serums used two vitamins: acerola and ascorbic. These vitamins are used to tone and firm the skin. It smells very good with extracts of aspen bark and aloe vera leaf juice. However, there isn’t much about this particular serum that gives it a unique edge. It’s more of an average product with average results.

One­Stop­Shop For Anti­Aging, Skin Solutions

Another anti­aging serum is an age defying cleanser that’s claim is a “do­it­all” treatment. Using ingredients like milk peptide for exfoliating and willow bark to fight acne, this particular cleanser is an anti­inflammatory with green tea leaf extract. The price was right, but an all­encompassing product is a tough sell for those looking for solely anti­aging remedies.

Variety of Plant and Oil Ingredients Fight Aging Skin

The third serum uses wild beech buds and hibiscus leaf to minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also uses the juice of New Zealand fern Mamaku to fight against aging skin. Other natural ingredients include chestnut, camelina and safflower oils, and alpine buddleia.

The Revolutionary Results of Black Diamonds

That’s when I discovered a breakthrough ingredient for anti­aging creams and serums: granulated black diamonds. The use of black diamonds in anti­aging creams helps conceal lines and wrinkles by absorbing light. Your imperfections and wrinkles will appear seemingly invisible with this newfound ingredient.

I came across Alleure anti­aging cream, which has an entire line dedicated to Black Diamonds. Similar to the above serums, it also uses all natural ingredients with benefits ranging from firming and smoothing the skin, to reducing swelling and promoting new skin growth.

Black diamonds minimize wrinkles and lines almost immediately after application. Best of all, all of the ingredients are natural and the price is considerably lower compared to other luxurious anti­aging serums on the market. I think I’ve found the sweet spot for results and value with Alleure Anti Aging Cream.

I’m looking to try this product soon. I’d like to know if any readers have tried a black diamond cream, and what you thought about it. Please join the conversation with your comments below. I’d like to try this product soon!