Just Tips for Moving House

Just Tips for Moving House

June 17, 2014 0 By admin

Moving house is one of supposed to be one of the most stressful things a person can do in their life, and as someone who has recently moved house I can fully attest to that fact.  Although I wasn’t able to eliminate all of the stress associated with moving, I was able to reduce it somewhat and you can too by putting some or all of the following tips into action.

Write a List

It may seem like the most tedious idea in the world or go against the grain of your spontaneous personality, but trust me if you write everything down you will be grateful later.  Even before you start packing even one box, create some form of quick and simple record keeping system.  Either print of a list of numbers with spaces for information to be added or use a spiral-bound notebook.  Put a number on each box you pack and list the contests on that box on the list next to the corresponding number.

Make Sure You Have Lots of Supplies

Before you start packing your old house up, make sure you have lots of boxes, even if it means you have too many in the end.  If you hire a moving company you may be able to buy boxes and then return the unused ones in exchange for a refund.  Keep 10 boxes empty until you get to moving day and use these to fill with things such as cleaning supplies, clothing, bedding and other things you think you’ll need on the big day.

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It is also important that you buy plenty of strong packing tape to keep your boxes secure and use magazines (newspaper ink can stain), bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap and protect your stuff.

Use Wardrobe Boxes

These are tall boxes that you can use for the lightweight but bulkier items such as blankets, pillows and comforters or clothes that you need to keep on hangers.  Moving companies often use these, so it’s important to ask ahead of moving day what the width of the boxes they will be bringing is, and then you need to measure the clothes to see how many boxes you will need.

Plan out Wardrobe Box Use

The majority of moving companies are happy to deliver your boxes before moving day, but if you are not able to get into the house until moving day or are moving yourself it is important to plan things as early as possible.  A few days before you are due to move, get some shopping bags with strong handles and fill them with bulky items such as jeans, belts, sweaters and shoes.

Then on moving day, place these shopping bags into your wardrobe boxes before putting in clothes on hangers.  Make sure you you’re your hanging items securely so that things don’t fall off the hangers or move around.  Next cover the shoulders of the clothes and add some sweaters or purses on top of them.

As well as having less boxes, it will also keep all your wardrobe clothes and belongings together.

Hopefully these tips will prove useful to you when you are moving!

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