Guidelines to a Hassle-Free Travel with the Kids

Guidelines to a Hassle-Free Travel with the Kids

October 23, 2015 Off By Jane

Kids can be a handful. They love to run everywhere. They throw tantrums every other hour. They spill foods and drinks on their clothes. They do not want to eat when it’s time to eat. But they want to eat chocolates and junk foods even when you said they couldn’t and they shouldn’t. Now, imagine travelling overseas with two or three toddlers? Que horror!

Do not be too disheartened moms and dads out there who wish to travel abroad but couldn’t bear the thought of leaving their kids behind. There are ways to keep your travel stress-free even though you have bunch of kids with you.

Have a pep talk with them before you leave.

Toddlers already know how to listen. However, you must talk to them carefully so they’d understand and obey. So, make sure you sit down with them for a pep talk before your trip. Explain to them that you will go to a place far from home so they should behave well since you are not very familiar to the place. Also explain the repercussions of disobeying you or being too playful.

Make them carry a piece of paper with name and your contact numbers.

If you’re travelling abroad, your biggest worry is losing your kids among big crowds. They love to run around and sometimes, you cannot control them. For safety precautions, you should make sure to put a piece of paper in their pocket wherein your name and contact numbers are written.

Always bring extra shirts.

It is a known fact that kids are playful and hyperactive. It would be very wise to make sure you have extra shirts with you everywhere you go. This is to allow them to change clothes when they are too sweaty or dirty already. An extra shirt is also handy whenever you eat and they tend to spill foods on their clothes. Keep them clean to avoid illness during your trip. You do not want to spoil the fun!

Arrange your transportations and bookings in advance.

Another useful tip for parents is to arrange all your bookings – hotels, restaurants, parks and your transportations- beforehand.  It would be convenient to hire transport services in advance like car hire in Christchurch when you are in New Zealand to avoid hassles of hailing cabs or using public transportations. Not all countries have easy transport system, so hiring one when you are with kids, is the safest way to avoid stress in travel.

Bring their favorite toys.

Another trick to help you keep them nice and behave is to bring their favorite toy. Ask them to choose their favorite and make a deal that they can bring it with them only if they behave.

Kids may be naughty and playful but they are still very adorable and you surely want to share the experience and precious moments abroad with them. So, don’t let the thought about them being a handful hinders you of travelling with them. Follow the guidelines discussed above for hassle-free travel with your little ones.