How To Get Fit And Keep Up With The Kids In 3 Months

How To Get Fit And Keep Up With The Kids In 3 Months

April 25, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

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Keeping up with young children is hard work, and many of us have had that chest pounding feeling of doom as we fight for breath after a game of football, or after chasing them on the beach. There comes a time in every parents life when they decide something must be done about their fitness levels so that they can play with, and still be around for, their children.

If you are one of these people, here are my top tips on how to get fit and keep up with your kids in 3 months. Its not going to be easy and the level of success will vary according to individuals, but it is guaranteed to raise your fitness levels.

Stop Smoking

Quitting cigarettes is the one thing anyone can do that is guaranteed to improve their health and fitness. Remember I said this wouldn’t be easy? Unless you stop smoking, any other steps are irrelevant. Luckily there has never been so much help around to help you quit. Nicotine replacement is the best way to help you quit the habit, and it comes in several guises.

Nicotine patches have been around for over twenty years now and have proved to be effective. One patch per day is all that is required to give a low dose of nicotine to help with the cravings.

Nicotine gum is a useful tool for those times when the cravings seem too strong to bear.

Electronic cigarettes from and other online shops will give you a dose of nicotine and allow you to go through the motions of smoking without the dangers. The e-cigarettes use harmless vapour and don’t make your clothes smell in the way real fags do.

Stand Up

If you decide that, for eight or ten hours a day, you will not sit down the results are incredible over a few months. This is hard if you work, but you can still fit it into your routine when you get home. By not sitting in front of the television, you will find yourself doing other things instead. All of this extra activity burns more calories than you normally would so it helps to shed a couple of pounds.

Join a Gym

Gymnasiums have become big business over the last decade and are opening up in all towns. Joining your local gym is the surest way to improve your fitness after quitting smoking. Gyms are so popular now that working out has become a social pastime. Don’t be tempted to call in at the local carvery on the way home because you feel you have earned it, however, or all of your hard work will be undone.

Walk to Work

Not just to work, leave the car and walk everywhere within a reasonable distance. If you have managed to lay off the cigarettes, you will find there is a lot more breath available for exertion. This way you are saving on precious fuel too that is wasted during short journeys.

Keeping up with your children isn’t always easy, and it won’t get any easier in the future. They will keep getting fitter as they head for their prime years, while you are going to battle to maintain your fitness level and not let it deteriorate. It is a battle you can’t win as age creeps up on you, but it is good fun trying.