You’ve got some front

You’ve got some front

February 13, 2014 0 By Jane

 by  inkknife_2000

Asides from its obvious functionality, the front door of a house is useful in the respect that it says so much about people and their property: it is the gateway in to and out of your space and, if you want to get all Feng shui about it, your soul.

No one front door will look the same, even if they come from the same manufacturer. Yes they all open and shut, (well, at least you hope so) but it’s likely that a north-facing door will look different – more weather-beaten, for example, than one that points the opposite way, where the paintwork might be slightly faded from its exposure to the sun.

How people dress their front door says much about their personalities too. A holly wreath at Christmas suggests a warm, kind person occupies the premises, whilst notes declaring, ‘no junk mail’, crudely stuck on with sellotape point to a more abrupt and less receptive homeowner.

Of course, you have to choose your front door first and that can be an absolute minefield. After taking the measurements to make sure you’ve got the right size, you then have to decide on what you want the door to be made of. Good solid oak, if you can afford it, is sound and dependable and blends in nicely with the countryside. Todd Doors is an experienced and reliable provider of timber doors with a wide-range of styles to suit most tastes and oak, judging by the company website, appears to be something of a specialty of theirs.

For some things it’s worth going the extra mile for, and, to me, a front door falls comfortably into that category – especially if you view your property as an investment: a good quality front door is more likely to make an interested purchaser sit up and take notice. After all, house-buying, despite all the dos and don’ts, boils down to one thing: gut instinct. If your front door is in serious need of TLC then it’s likely, in the minds of the viewer, all other areas of the house are going to be neglected.

But what if you view your house for keeps? An energy-efficient door can also save you money, as much as 10 per cent certain reports have suggested, in terms of reduced energy loss. Some wooden doors looks so flimsy they’re probably better off being use for fire wood to keep you warm! The only downside to a good quality timber front door is the upkeep. But varnish it with love and it will stand by your side (or front) for years. If you’re looking for a compromise, fibreglass composite doors are your best bet as they are more affordable and equally durable but without the need for so much maintenance.

by  marc falardeau

The fun part to any front door purchase is choosing the colour. If they say behind every door there is an opportunity, then surely that applies to the front as well. Aside from the regulation white there are so many different colours to choose from, so don’t be afraid to be bold. Green hints at a community-spirited person; red is generally the accepted colour for extroverts; yellow is for leaders (as in the Tour de France); black is for traditionalists; and purple is the colour of free spirits.

They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but the opposite applies – in my book anyway – to a front door.