Destination Dallas: What You Need to Know for a Smooth Move

Destination Dallas: What You Need to Know for a Smooth Move

March 5, 2014 0 By Jane

“Everything’s bigger in Texas” and other slogans fill the ears of those interested in Dallas’ capital city.  Dallas allures many potential residents due to its restaurants, weather, and amicable atmosphere and peoples.

Before moving to Dallas, tenants do a number of things to ensure a smooth transition from one locale to another.  Consider the following moving tips to free the enterprise of hassle and extra money spent.


The weather in Dallas is ‘subtropical,’ making it warm and humid all year.  The humidity can take some getting used to yet rids one’s wardrobe of winter coats and other heavy articles.

In addition to modifying wardrobe, homeowners may consider seeking an address with a pool in the backyard, being the humidity, especially in the summer months, can be brutally uncomfortable.

Social Life

Downtown Dallas is burgeoning with music, culture and nightlife.  Trendy areas, mixtures of commercial and residential tenants, are building in popularity as suburban outskirts offer an alternative to those who opt to keep the core of the population and excitement at a distance.

Dallas is a city hosting a low cost of living as compared to the rest of the nation, yet a high number of Fortune 500 companies seek address there, making finding a job a bit easier as compared to other American cities.

Public Transportation

With a thriving population and business district, Dallas public transportation is well orchestrated and available in a variety of methods including buses, trains, cabs, bicycles, as well as car and bike share programs.

Travel or Real Estate Agent

There is a variety of information to peruse on the Web, yet it’s best to take a trip to the city to ‘get a feel’ for the neighborhoods and the atmosphere.  Alternatively, speak to a real estate agent presently living in the city; such personas can inform you about prices of homes, average ages of residents, school systems, etc.

A physical visit is optimal but not always economically practical.  Therefore, do the next best thing by contacting professional Dallas realtors.

Relocation Services

In addition to online information, contacting relocation services can inform residents about the needs of traveling from one specific location in America, Canada or elsewhere, and eventually landing in Dallas.


New residents usually have a specific time window to get a new driver’s license, but check with local authorities about exact timeframes as well as other requirements to officially become a resident of the city.

Aside from avoiding costly traffic tickets, establishing official residency can influence other associations such as car insurance rates.  Depending on one’s prior location, moving to Dallas, Texas warrants lower car insurance rates.

Moving is an exciting time.  Aside from explaining the move to the kids, ensuring your old home is sold, and transitioning jobs, you’ll need to ensure the city is accommodating to the needs of family and yourself.  Dallas is well known for its food, warmth, hospitality and diversity of peoples.  Its popularity is growing, prompting more people to make the move.  Before doing so, ensure you’ve considered the above facts and suggestions.

Robert Groleau enjoys his work in the Dallas housing market. After years on the job, he enjoys writing about the ins and outs of a good relocation experience, from finding a place to settling in.