A Guide to Buying a Brand New Refrigerator

A Guide to Buying a Brand New Refrigerator

February 5, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

You can get a wide range of refrigerators that have various features depending on your needs. To buy a fridge that’s perfect for you, you should consider your own unique home situation and weigh up the pros and cons of the features that could make your life easier. Here are some tips that you may find useful when buying a new refrigerator:

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What Style Refrigerator Would You Like?

  • If you aren’t too bothered about the kind of fridge you choose and would like a basic but economical option, a top freezer refrigerator could be the best choice for you. They don’t have that many features, however; you might find them cheaper than a lot of other options.
  • Similarly you can get a bottom freezer refrigerator if you’d like the shelves to be easier to reach and see.  You can find this style of fridge with French doors, although these can be fairly expensive.
  • If you don’t have much space in your kitchen, a narrow side by side refrigerator can save you space. Be careful though, as the shelves may be too narrow to hold wider items that you may need in your freezer.
  • A built in fridge can give a chic, smooth look. You can get them with door panels that match the rest of your kitchen cabinets too, so you don’t have to sacrifice on style! They’re good if you’d like a small fridge and you don’t mind spending a little extra to get a fridge that looks the part.
  • Undercounter commercial refrigerators are a good choice for a commercial kitchen. You can get any size and style you like, from light to heavy duty.

Do You Need an Icemaker or Water Dispenser?

If you would like an icemaker or water dispenser, the fridge will need to be hooked up to your plumbing system, meaning you may not be able to have it in the location you originally wanted it. You might even be able to find a fridge that includes a filter system, but you’ll need to buy replacement filters every so often, so make sure you know where you can get them and how much they’ll cost you.

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Consider the Space You Have

Make sure you consider the space you have for your fridge, and just how much food you’ll be able to keep in there. As much as 35% of the freezer space could be unusable, so make sure you’re aware of the storage capacity.

What Interior Features Would You Like?

There are many interior features your refrigerator could include:

  • Adjustable shelves and door bins are a good feature to have. If storage flexibility is important to you, then you need to have them!
  • Drawers can help you to keep your fridge organised. Not only that, but some drawers can have their own temperature setting, so you can keep meat, veg, and other food fresh!

Now you’ve worked out what you want from your refrigerator, you can read reviews online to get an idea of how certain models will work for you!