5 Ways to Increase Your Family’s Bond Without Electronics

image1Our hectic lifestyles have caused families to drift apart. The need to increase the family bond continues to grow. Even when families are in the same room, the chances are that they are interacting with electronic devices instead of each other. Today’s technologies have improved our lives but are contributing to the downfall of the family units. With this being so finding ways to bond is very important. There are numerous ways of trying to accomplish this. The following are five ways to work on increasing the family bond without electronics.

family bond

  1. Exercising Together. Whether the family goes to the gym or works out together at home, exercise can increase the family bond. Each family member can set individual goals or family goals can be set. The process of working together to reach those goals helps to tighten that family bond. The family is showing each other support.
  1. A Weekly Help Sessions. Scheduling a day to sit together and talk about individual and family problems is therapeutic and bonding for the family. The problems can be homework, chores, individual problems, or family issues. Working together strengthens the bonds and teaches that the individuals that they can depend on the family when in need.
  1. Car rides. A simple car ride can be fun and bonding. There are several things that can be done during a car ride to make it fun, educational and challenging. The family can come up with a list of different things to look for on the ride. For example one time they can drive around looking for purple vehicles. Another time looking for a particular style of architecture. The family can have contest on who can find the most of these items.
  1. Taking family walks can improve the family’s health and their bond. Having a set day and time period will help teach responsibility as well. These walk can be time to chit chat, talk about issues, or just have fun looking at what is around.
  1. Date Night. With kids or without a scheduled date night it very bonding. It is a scheduled time period that the family know that no matter how busy life is that the family will get to spend time together. This time can be spent talking about life events going on. Planning activities, discussing chores planning trips or just relaxing and eating a quiet dinner together.

Most of these activities can be done for little to no cost. Activities such as eating out and going to a gym are going to cost the family some money. The activities themselves may be free of electronics but the internet can save the family money on the activities that do cost them. For example, those families that live in Boston they can go to websites such as Groupon.com and get discounts for various gyms in Boston. No matter what activity or activities the family chooses to do, their time together will provide them with quality memories to bond over throughout their lives.