5 Handy Tips for Self-Drive Holidays and Trips

5 Handy Tips for Self-Drive Holidays and Trips

June 8, 2014 0 By Jane

Whether you choose to take your own car or decide to hire a car, there is a real charm and endearing quality to a self-drive holiday where you stop where you want and drive as long as you want.    Self-drive holidays are becoming more and more popular with people heading out to Africa to traverse the roads of Namibia and rolling along the spectacular Great Ocean Road in Australia. 

Although you are undoubtedly, like most people, tempted to take this type of holiday because it feels much more ad-hock and spontaneous; you should never take this type of holiday, or any holiday for that matter, without doing a certain amount of research and planning.

In the following post we will give you 5 handy tips to make sure that your self-drive trip is a memorable one with as few hassles and problems as possible.

Keep the Petrol Topped Up

This may sound incredibly obvious and even a little patronising, but you should be vigilant to make sure you fill your car up with petrol regularly.  You would find it surprising just how many people forget to do this.  There are many countries where the opportunities to stop and fill your car up with petrol are spaced miles and miles apart.  If you don’t want to end up stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, always fill up, even a little bit, when you get the chance.

Make Sure Your Car Is Suitable

One of the reasons that many people decide to opt for a hire car is that their regular car is not suitable for a long driving expedition.  It is important to think about the amount of luggage you are going to be taking with you and whether you need extra storage space.  This is particularly important if you are taking skis, cycles or tents with you.

Stock Up On Food and Drink

Always make sure you have enough drinks and food, in particular snacks and make sure they are close to had in the car.  This is important because if you come across a particularly beautiful spot and want to soak up the atmosphere, you can have a mini picnic.  Additionally, if you breakdown or get lost and need to take a break to regroup and check the maps again, you will need to keep your energy levels high.

Phone Coverage

In this day and age, getting lost is not as terrible as it initially sounds, particularly if you have a working phone and a mobile signal.  This is why you should ensure that where you are going on your driving holiday to have adequate phone network coverage.  Most mobile phone companies have a section on their website dedicated to this on their website.

Drive on the Right Roads

Whether you are hiring a car or using your own car is best to stick to the main roads and roads that are maintained the by the government that runs the country you are travelling in.  This is important because if you decide to go off-road you may not be covered in your insurance.

Hopefully this post has given you some useful tips for that exciting driving holiday you have planned.  If you are interested in buying a car for this kind of journey, check out some of the deals available over at John Hughes.