5 Family Traditions You Can Start This Year

5 Family Traditions You Can Start This Year

December 23, 2014 Off By Jane

Whether intentional about it or not, almost every family has its own unique traditions that to look forward to and remember every year. Family habits around the holidays and throughout the seasons are a special part of childhood that many people look back on and hope to replicate with their own children someday.

If you want to celebrate more family togetherness, here are seven starters to help you establish your own unique family traditions.

1. Saturday Morning Breakfast

While most of us realize the important of sit down family meals, it is much trickier to make eating at the table with everyone at the same time a consistent habit. Between soccer practice, homework projects and late nights at the office, life is hectic. So why not try a special Saturday morning breakfast. Unlike busy weeknights, Saturday morning is typically a free time to sleep in a little and walk around in your pajamas. Look for the open spots in your family’s schedule, and take advantage of these windows to creatively fit in family time.

2. Daddy/Mommy Dates

Most children truly value one on one time with their parents. That is why a special “date” with either both parents or one at a time can make an incredible impact on them. Fathers.com recommends doing stuff your child likes to show them your interest. And then invite the child into an activity you enjoy. This demonstrates how you care about their hobbies and ideas and also includes them in what is important to you.

3. Family Football Night

Another great way to enjoy everyday life with the family is to plan a family football night. Whether it is because of your favorite team or a special player, pick a game you want to watch one week and turn it into quality time with the kids. With a few tailgating snacks like chips and hotdogs, you can turn an ordinary TV night into a fun time talking with everybody and rooting for your team. Some families will even enjoy a friendly rivalry when cheering for opposite sides.

All you will need for this fun and memorable evening is a great TV package like directtelevision.us/directv/tennessee/, some cool foods from the local grocery and your team spirit, and family football night can become a standard tradition in your household.

4. Group Service Projects

A fantastic way to teach your kids great values and character is by joining a community service project all together. Volunteering is an amazing opportunity to teach kids about the world around them while giving back. Leading by example is the best way to put all those lessons you’ve repeated into practice. Here are some activities to try:

  • Work at a soup kitchen
  • Sing carols together at a retirement center
  • Serve at a community clean up
  • Donate items to a charity thrift shop
  • Help with set up at a free event

5. Sing and Dance Together

It might sound a little goofy, but sometimes a little goofy is just what your family needs. Younger kids will naturally burst out into song and dance when they feel good. Encourage this expression by singing along with them or putting on some fun music and having a dance party in the living room. Some parents may find it difficult at first because you can feel a little foolish. But throwing caution to the wind just like a child might truly help you connect with your kids.

With these five ideas, your family has a great starter list of family traditions to adopt for itself. A tradition does not have to be formal or serious to count. Any way you can spend special time with your kids is reason enough to celebrate.

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