4 Great Reasons For Using Wood Stain To Improve Home’s Timber

4 Great Reasons For Using Wood Stain To Improve Home’s Timber

January 17, 2014 0 By Jane

If you are planning to use timber on a home improvement or building project you might be thinking about not wood staining, seeing it as an unnecessary nuisance of a job.  However there are many good reasons why you should stain wood, products such as these decorative wood stains, as you will see from the following article.

Makes Wood Waterproof

As the majority of wood on the exterior of your property will obviously be exposed to a certain amount of water some of the time.  However, it is also possible that wood used on the interior of your home will also be exposed to water from accidental spillages.  Therefore, to avoid the problems associated with water damage to wood, wood staining is important.  When you wood stain wood, it forms a protective layer on the wood’s surface which causes the water to flow away from the wood without affecting the wood at all.

Gives Wood Rot Protection

As you may already know, wood is vulnerable to the effects of rotting.  This is a major problem because once your wood starts to rot; there really is no way round it.  Rotten wood, particularly if it is used in a supportive structure, is very dangerous.  The only thing you can do with rotten wood is replace it, so to avoid doing this it is important to prevent any rotting from effecting the wood from the beginning.  Wood staining will protect your wood from mildew, mould, termites and other pests that can rot wood.

Staining Blocks Sunlight

Wood can be damaged if it is exposed without protection, to sunlight over a long period of time.  Therefore, any wood that is positioned or placed somewhere where it will receive lots of direct sunlight, it is important to use wood stain to stop the sun from damaging or discolouring it.

Decoratively Colours The Wood

Although natural wood colours suit certain decor and styles, you may want your wood to be a particular colour in a particular room.  The best way to colour wood is to use a coloured stain.  There are many different options and when you are considering the aesthetic value of wood staining, there are two varieties – pigment and dye.  While dye stain will colour wood with small pores, pigment based wood stain will colour wood with larger pores.  By using colourful wood stains you can give your wood a colour that is not naturally found in that particular wood or any wood if you want to push the boat out, while retaining the wood’s attractive features – including the texture and the grain.

If you do not want to colour your wood, don’t worry as there are many wood stains available that are transparent and can be used to highlight and preserve the natural look of the wood.  Although you will find that the majority of wood stains are neither wholly transparent nor opaque, but some kind of happy medium between both contrasts.