What You Should Always Have in Your Home

What You Should Always Have in Your Home

February 10, 2015 Off By Jane

You can’t predict every emergency or mishap that occurs in your home, but you can be prepared for a variety of events. From tools to first aid supplies to stain removal solutions, you might keep an assortment of items available for those unexpected issues that arise occasionally. Having a few kits assembled with useful supplies before you need them could save you much money and stress in the future.

First Aid Supplies

A lot of bumps, cuts, and bruises occur in the home, and having the right kind of supplies to treat them can prove to be invaluable. The American Red Cross advises that you include a suitable assortment of essential items for injuries and illness. To be prepared for cuts and abrasions, you might include several types and styles of bandages, antibiotic ointment, antiseptic spray and a small pair of scissors with which to cut bandages when needed. According to Heal Well Medical Supply (www.healwellmedicalsupply.com), a cold compress and a heating pad could be useful for bruised or swollen body parts. A personal thermometer should also be included. Pain medication (such as aspirin) is a useful item to have in a first aid box. According to Heal Well Medical Supply (www.healwellmedicalsupply.com), if you or other people in your home take certain medications regularly, you should have a three-day supply in case of emergencies.

Basic Toolkit

If you do any sort of home improvement projects or need to do quick repairs in your home, a toolkit is indispensable. You don’t need to have an extensive tool chest stocked with hundreds of items, but a few basics can be quite convenient to have in your home. You should have a hammer and nails for hanging small objects on walls, as well as a screwdriver and screws for hanging larger items and doing quick repairs on certain pieces of furniture. Wrenches of various sizes are useful for tightening and loosening the nuts and bolts that hold a lot of home accessories and appliances together. A pair of pliers is another item to keep in your toolkit; they can assist you in gripping and twisting various materials, such as nails and wires. They can also aid you in removing fasteners and pins.

Stain Removal Supplies

Stains are virtually unavoidable in any home, so keeping a few stain removal supplies around can be helpful. Sometimes, treating a stain immediately is the best way to ensure that it is removed properly. You may stock your cupboards with commercial cleaners, such as commercial stain removal products for carpets, furniture and clothing. However, you might also use many items that you already have for other purposes. If you spill red wine or grape juice on your carpet, liquid dish soap can often be effective at removing it. White vinegar can remove deodorant stains and coffee stains from clothing.

Tech Supply Kit

If you use any kind of technology at home, you might want to equip your home with a tech supply kit. When you have such a kit, you can keep all of your chargers in one place. When you’re down to the last bar on your cell phone, knowing exactly where the charger is can be crucial. Other items to keep in your tech supply kit include extra USB cables and flash drives. When your pet chews through the USB cable you have connected to your computer, you’ll be glad you have an extra one to use. If that flash drive you’ve been using becomes corrupted, you can replace it quickly with an extra flash drive from your kit. You should probably keep an extra surge protector in your toolkit, in case the one you currently use stops working.

Staying prepared is an important aspect of living responsibly. You can’t avoid certain unexpected issues in your home. However, you can certainly spare yourself from further stress by keeping a few essential items available.