Wedding Season Is Coming – Start Planning Your Bachelorette Party!

Summer is pretty much here, and while, for many, the warm weather is a sign of relaxation and fun, for anyone involved with a summer wedding it can mean a whole lot of stress and work. Not only are there dresses to order, speeches to write and rehearsals to attend, but there’s also the bachelorette party – arguably the largest responsibility of the wedding party.

A perfect bachelorette party is a near impossible contradiction of things: it is insanely fun without being effortful; it brings a group of often-unfamiliar friends together for a familiar party; it is active yet relaxing; it is wedding themed, yet diverting enough to take the bride’s mind off the wedding. Phew, that is a tough ask of anyone.

But if you look hard enough, and plan shrewdly enough, it is possible to pull off the perfect bachelorette party, even if you’re coming at it last minute. It’s all about breaking the night down into parts. First, you have the icebreaker activity, an activity that’s entertaining enough to bring together a disparate group of people, while still allowing for everyone to get to know each other.

A fun icebreaker activity that you see more and more nowadays is axe throwing. It’s an insanely fun way to get your friends together and it gets out some stress and frustration. Plus, it subverts the dumb gender norm that only men can wield axes. A perfect example of a successful icebreaker activity.

Next, you have the portion of the evening that’s best referred to as her last meal. Having worked up a small sweat with the icebreaker activity, it’s time to eat. But rather than just choosing any old fancy small-plates restaurant, this is the part where you demonstrate how well you know the bride-to-be.

Choose her favorite food, or, if you know it, choose her favorite restaurant. This is the part of the evening where you break out all the clichés: the bride-to-be sash, the cheesy printed shirts, the phallic shaped bric-a-brac and embarrassing, sometimes vulgar stories about the bride-to-be.

Finally, you have hair down portion of the night, the “capital p” Party part of the Bachelorette. After an icebreaking activity and an intimate dinner, this is a wild, well-earned culmination of everything the bachelorette party has accomplished thus far.

Yes, it usually involves booze. Yes, it usually involved some questionable dance moves. Yes, it almost always ends with someone ugly crying (out of happiness, of course). And yes, you will likely end up getting a greasy late-night snack. This is the way the bachelorette goddesses intended it, and it’s just the way it is!

Those are the fundamental elements of the perfect bachelorette party. The icebreaker activity brings people together and releases some of the leftover tension; her last meal indulges everyone in good food and juicy stories about the bride-to-be; and the hair down portion ties everything up in a big, messy, party bow. Now, all that’s left to do is to start planning!