Use Movavi Photo Batch To Resize Your Plum Cake Recipe Photos

Use Movavi Photo Batch To Resize Your Plum Cake Recipe Photos

November 19, 2015 Off By Jane

With Christmas knocking at the door, it’s pretty obvious that folks everywhere are eagerly counting days for the delicious Christmas cake. Among all the cakes for Christmas, it’s the plum cake that commands the best fan following. Just a handful of things on earth can be compared to the amazing delight called homemade plum cake. Are you famous among your family and friends for your rich plum cakes every Christmas? Then, it would be a great service if you upload your plum cake recipe online.

As you offer the recipe, make sure to upload pictures of every aspect of baking the cake to ensure a clearer view for your readers. In case, the pictures need a premium resizing, you can take to Movavi Photo Batch to resize pictures on windows 7.

The post here is all about resizing images on windows 7 with the Movavi software.

Download & install

Get Movavi Photo Studio in your device (downloaded from Movavi’s official site) & the Photo Batch application would be automatically downloaded & installed in your Windows 7.

Select & add the photos

Click on File button & pick the pictures individually. If you want to resize all the images from the photo folder, click on to Folder and the whole folder would be uploaded immediately.

Resize your image

The Movavi Photo Batch enables the users to resize the photos based on several options. There are specific options to select the width (Scale to Width), height (Scale to Height) etc. The other options are Scale by Percentage, Maximum Size, Scale to Size & Custom Size. Go to Go to Resize & choose the needed Resize mode. The Maximum size option would allow you to set maximum width & height & larger images would be easily fitted without stretching or cropping.

The Scale to Size option will resize the images as per defined size whilst maintaining the original proportions. The Custom Size option will allow you to place exact width & height of the photos.

Reduce size by format & quality

Go to Format & Quality & select preferred format from Output format. Pick JPEG as output format & adjust JPEG Quality.

Export Downscaled images

Go to Batch Export & look for the options.  You can pick Save to new folder if you are looking to set a different folder directory for the resized photos. Otherwise, you can opt for Save to original folder and back up originals. Finally, click on OK to kick-start exporting.