Trends in Children’s Clothing

Trends in Children’s Clothing

February 27, 2015 Off By Jane

Children adore experimenting with various trends just as much as we do, and buying fashionable and well-made clothes from online boutiques is one of the best ways to recognize their individuality. Here are the children’s clothing trends for 2015.


One of the more prominent children’s clothing trends of 2015 is mixing and matching patterns. It used to be that kids were taught how to properly match colors, prints, and genres. Now, unexpected grouping of items such as cowboy boots and tulle are admired. Combinations such as polka dots with stripes, or neon with floral patterns are embraced in children’s fashion. Now, kids can be kids without giving into the pressures of adulthood to put together outfits that are painstakingly matched.

Bold Colors and Quirky Prints

Colors that are bold and spirited are a huge trend for 2015. The best part of this craze compared with past styles is the inexhaustible array of possibilities. Unlike the trends from the past, 2015 children’s clothing trends are not centered on a particular style – they are centered on vibrancy and self-expression.

Children are loud, fun, energetic, and completely full of personality. With striking patterns and shades, the clothing boutiques of 2015 refuse to let that go to waste.

Dapper Boys

In 2015, there are finally amazing clothing options for little boys that aren’t limited to trucks and dinosaurs. With bowties, suspenders, and trousers, boys have more options than ever. Although boys’ clothing items of 2015 are sophisticated and refined, they are designed for children to romp-around in. In many online clothing boutiques, you can find a multitude of smart boys’ clothing made out of high quality, blotch and tear-resistant material that are actually comfortable to play in.

With dapper clothing such as elastic ties, sweatpants that look like trousers, and button-up shirts with built-in suspenders, it is easy for children to dress themselves and play comfortably.


While bold, modern prints are at the height of children’s fashion for 2015, classics are just as adored. From pin-up dresses, to tulle, to floral patterns in soft colors, mixing and matching classic pieces with modern accents has never been so fashionable. Online clothing boutiques make choosing vintage pieces for your children a cinch.

Fashionable Play Clothes

When you think about it, don’t you save your favorite and most fashionable outfits for when you go out with friends? Fashionable clothes make adults feel more confident among friends and peers, in addition to allowing them to express themselves. When it comes to running and playing outside with their friends, why should children be any different?

The 2015 trend of play clothes that are stylish and functional is one of the greatest advancements in children’s fashion. Not only does it recognize and respect each young person’s individuality, but it is extremely practical for parents as well. Ten years ago, it seemed pretty silly to send kids outdoors dressed up in nice clothes for fear of ruining them. Nowadays, clothing boutiques are selling clothes made with the durability and quality that we all crave, and children’s clothing is no exception. The 2015 trend of fashionable, quality play clothes has been great for children and parents alike – clothing made from sturdy material, can be played in and enjoyed, and doesn’t need to be replaced as often.