Top Budget Family Cafes in Edinburgh

Top Budget Family Cafes in Edinburgh

May 15, 2015 Off By Jane

Food in the capital of Scotland is both high on quantity and quality. Edinburgh is a great place to explore if you are a lover of great food. While there may be no independent cuisine of the city, (except beer and fried stuff), there is an abundance of restaurants, bars, cafes and family friendly hotels in Edinburgh, where you can get food form a global cuisine. When it comes to Scotland food, according to Wikitravel, Scots have a penchant for food, which has given birth to certain gastronomic delight, including deep fried hamburgers, deep fried pizzas, deep fried haggis, deep fried black pudding and even deep fried Mars bars. Such unique dishes can only be found in Scotland. Another popular dish of the UK, fish and chips, has turned into a Scottish delight and is best enjoyed with some beer. However, Edinburgh is not all fried stuff and alcohol; there are various family restaurants and family friendly hotels in Edinburgh. Moreover, there are even disabled friendly hotels in Edinburgh that are great places to stay if you are travelling with an elderly person. Here’s a look at the top budget family cafes where you can have a good wholesome meal.

Union of Genius

This colourful little takeaway cafe presents a warm and welcoming environment and serves traditional comfort food. This place is especially popular for its various styles of soups. With an emphasis on local favours and ingredients, the cafe has over 80 tried and tested recipes that they prepare from scratch each day. Among the most sold flavours are Ghanaian chicken and peanut curry, Moroccan harira, Coronation chicken and black tea. This place attracts the young and old alike, since there are flavours that will please the taste buds of any individual. Tourists travelling with an elderly should check out the disabled friendly hotels in Edinburgh, such as Piries Hotel, that are designed for the convenience of the disabled and the elderly, while also offering easy connectivity all across the city.

Manna House Bakery & Cafe

Located a short walk from Abbey Mount, this bakery-cafe is a small, homely space, with a few painted tables and chairs and a gallery of original art. This cafe is renowned all over the city for its big, polished flavours of bakery products at reasonable prices. The centrepiece at this cafe is undoubtedly the glittering counter of cakes. Available in several mouth watering flavours, the apple crumble slices and even the finely wrought patisserie are a must watch for every pastry lover. Once you have had enough of desserts, you can even look to other bakery products, such as grand bacon and cheese croissants, smoked mackerel, posh sandwiches, porchetta in honey, soups and salads. All of these are served with Manna’s very own tasty rustic breads that feel solid in the hand but light in the mouth. There are no alcoholic beverages served here, which may seem a little surprising in Scotland, but there are ample pubs and bars in close proximity to this bakery and cafe if you do need a drink to wash everything down.