Top 4 Reasons your Skincare Matters for your age

Top 4 Reasons your Skincare Matters for your age

January 27, 2016 Off By Jane

While some skin care advice holds true for all ages, like wearing sunscreen and using moisturizer, your skin changes as you age. That means the products that got you the best results a decade ago might not achieve those same results now. By understanding which nutrients and active ingredients best benefit your skin during each decade, you can achieve the best result with products that deliver exactly what your skin needs.

Your 20s Are About Prevention

You’re young and fresh-faced, and imagining yourself with wrinkles in your 20s is difficult, so you skip the skin care more often than you should. Pop culture tells you that acne is a teen problem, but your 20-year-old complexion begs to differ. You get to enjoy a more sculpted face thanks to the absence of baby fat, yet you still break out sometimes. Your two main concerns in your 20s are preventing skin damage and treating that enduring acne.

If you do one single thing for your skin in your 20s, wear sun screen. Sun damage doesn’t just cause discoloration and wrinkles; it also puts you at risk for skin cancer. Apply a nightly moisturizer, and start introducing eye creams and anti-wrinkle serums, which you can find in the wide array of Amway skin care products. As far as the acne goes, you don’t need harsh chemical cleansers all over your face like you probably used to combat acne in your teen years. A spot treatment should do the trick for individual pimples.

Preservation Matters in Your 30s

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One of the big reasons you start to see fine lines in your 30s is due to a lack of natural exfoliation. Your skin naturally exfoliates far less often in your 30s than it did in your 20s. If you weren’t diligent about sun screen and skin care in your 20s, this is when you start seeing the damage via discoloration and age spotting.

You should gently exfoliate when you wash your face. Get a cleanser with exfoliating beads for daily use; it’s doubly helpful if that cleanser removes all your makeup, too. Eye-cream is a must now because the fine lines around your eyes probably don’t quite go away when you stop smiling. If it seems like a lot, don’t panic. Many of these essential ingredients come together in products. Don’t forget to keep applying sun screen, either.

Your 40s Require Nourishment

Hormonal changes in your 40s may start to dry out your skin. Combine that with natural aging, and your 40s skin care routine becomes about treating the lines you see on your face and brightening the places where your skin is going dull. Collagen and peptides are your friends. Serums with retinol and peptides will help your skin with collagen production and will eliminate a lot of the dry skin you may be seeing.

On top of that, you should still be gently exfoliating and wearing sunscreen. Remember the eye cream from your 20s and 30s? It’s also time to add neck cream to your daily regimen┬ásince your 40s are when your neck really starts to need attention.

Hydration is Essential in Your 50s

Your skin needs serious moisture in your 50s, regardless of what your ultimate cosmetic goals are. If you’re looking for simple solutions to keep your skin healthy at this age, just make sure your products are moisture-rich. Your cleanser and SPF should be packed with moisturizers.

Glycolic acid is a great way to encourage your skin to keep renewing itself, which helps to maintain a smoother appearance. Go the extra mile with peptides, alpha hydroxy, amino acids, and retinoids. You won’t get face-lift dramatic results, but these ingredients will help with the dullness that often overtakes skin as it ages.

Your skin care solutions change as you age, but as long as you understand what your skin needs you’ll be able to find the right products. Don’t be afraid to visit a dermatologist for help figuring out exactly what combination of products and care works for your unique skin.