Top 3 Bar Fridges for a Family Home

Top 3 Bar Fridges for a Family Home

May 5, 2016 Off By admin

There is nothing like going home and grabbing a bottle of wine from the wine rack, or pouring a glass of single-malt scotch whisky at your own personal bar, after a long, hard-working day. Whether we’re a stay-at-home parent or a full-time worker, we would love to indulge in that luxury. However bars and wine racks are quite an expensive luxury.

It’s quite nice to have some people over and have a small, inexpensive and stylish bar fridge to accommodates for your family and guests whilst your having a quiet night in. Bar fridges are an excellent luxurious feature that fits within your home, whilst keeping your budget in check. Here are some stylish designs that match the above details.

1. EnduroMax Mini Bar Fridge & Mechanic ToolBox (Available in Blank and Red Exterior)

This stylish and practical bar fridge is a great practical use for multiple purposes. Whilst the primary use is as a 50L capacity bar fridge, the EnduroMax Toolbox also allows for mechanical tools to be stored within the two draw compartments. The Bar Fridge and Mechanic Toolbox combination allows for a fun, and inexpensive novelty product to be placed in multiple areas of your home. It could fit perfectly for your home, whether it’s the pool-room, undercover veranda, or your tool shed.

2. Changhong 117L Bar Fridge-Black Exterior

Whilst this one of the most inexpensive bar fridges on our list, it doesn’t take any shortcuts on features and design flare. The slick, neat and simplistic model has an impressive 117L capacity, with plenty of shelving and door rack space to hold food and beverages, without having to cram everything into a tiny space. The glorious black exterior finish creates a sense of style without making a bold statement within your home decor.

3. Double Glass Door Black Bar Fridge with Lock

The largest appliance in capacity on our list, the Double Door Bar Fridge is the most incredibly solid and well-designed fridges on our list. With a whopping 230L capacity space, the functionality of the appliance is remarkable, with double-glazed and lockable glass doors, this bar fridge is a secure and elegant storage space for your food and beverage needs. With an LG low noise compressor, and adjustable thermostat, this are just icing on the cake for an incredible multi-functional fridge.

The variety and functionality of bar fridges is second-to-none, and are a great accessory to have within your beautiful homes. Whether the use is for the occasional drinks with family and friends, or just to keep the Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc cool and chilled for your dinner with the partner, it’s a great extra appliance that can create style and class to your home, within an instant.

If you would like to find more information about the bar fridges we have to offer, and what would be perfect for your home, go to Have fun on finding the perfect bar fridge, that is right for you.