The Dairy-Free Ice Cream Of Your Dreams Is Here


There are a number of cookies, cakes and squares out there that don’t need dairy ingredients — sadly, ice cream is not one of those desserts. Thankfully there is one dairy-free solution coming for those who have been dreaming about the taste of ice cream.

There is a brand-new line of dairy-free desserts courtesy of My/Mo Mochi ice cream that is being released this month. Normally, the company serves up delicious spheres of premium ice cream coated with a layer of sweetened rice dough — they come in a range of incredible flavors like mint chocolate chip and sweet mango. Now they have another line of the frozen treats, but they have replaced every ounce of dairy with rich cashew cream. The line will come in a selection of fantastic flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and salted caramel. If you are wondering where to find mochi ice cream and mochi cashew cream frozen desserts, you can get them in the freezer sections of nearby grocery stores.

This unbelievable dessert will be a great option for anyone who has a vegan diet or who is considering starting a vegan diet in the near future. Veganism is a dietary practice that focuses on plant products like fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains, and restricts animal products and by-products including meat, fish, milk, cream, butter, cheese, yogurt and sometimes honey. Replacing cream and milk made from cows with cashew milk allows vegans to enjoy their own version of the dessert without going against their dietary or moral beliefs. Cashew milk also carries a lot of beneficial factors that can make any health-conscious person excited — it has no saturated fat, it has lots of Vitamin E, it has no naturally occurring sugars like cow’s milk and has fewer calories than other dairy alternatives.

The dairy-free version also helps another big market that is often ignored by food companies, which is people who are lactose intolerant. A lot of people suffer from some degree of lactose intolerance or sensitivity since most people don’t create the enzyme to break down the specific sugar found in dairy — a whopping 65 percent of humans have trouble digesting lactose after they are babies. Many of these people have been neglected by food companies, forcing them to make their own alternatives or to forego certain forms of dessert altogether. Others have been pressured to eat foods with dairy products or have purposely risked their own discomfort in order to not feel left out of the loop. With the help of a dairy-substitute like cashew milk, a large percentage of the population can now indulge in a dessert without regret.

If you practice a vegan diet, experience lactose intolerance or if you are always looking for healthy alternatives to your favorite foods, you should get ready for what My/Mo Mochi is bringing up this month. Start clearing up some space in your freezer right now, because soon enough you’ll be able to fill it with the dairy-free ice cream of your dreams.