Perfecting Your Work Life Balance


Burnout has become an epidemic among the working population of the UK. The pressure is on to excel at work and get results, and that can drive people into unhealthy patterns that undermine their mental and physical health. Burnout is a subtle thing – it’s a gradual escalation that you may not notice from day to day until it’s gone too far and you’re suffering from stress and isolation.

Today we’re presenting a few ways you can make sure your work-life balance is healthy, so you are too!

Working from Home

If you’re being crushed by your commute, one compromise it’s worth seeking with your employer is regularly scheduled working from home time.

A long or difficult commute can pile on the stress and leave you exhausted before you even reach the office. By the time you get home, you’re at the end of your reserves and can only collapse into bed. If you’re able to work from one or two days a week, you have longer to sleep, and can turn off at the end of the day and enjoy your evening, so it’s well worth looking for London storage companies and clearing out space to create a home office.

Getting Perspective

If you feel like you’re disappearing into your work, it’s worth getting an outside perspective to talk through the issues. Whether it’s a professional counsellor or simply a trusted friend, talking through your situation with them can help you realise if you’re putting yourself through an unreasonable ordeal! Everyone has busy times at work, and talking to someone from outside the situation can help you realise if crunch has become a routine for you.

If you’re talking with a friend try to make sure it’s someone from outside your office and industry. Stress can become competitive when people are working closely together, with people striving against each other to be the last one in the office. Someone you trust from a different walk of life can give you a more objective opinion.

Talk to Management

Assuming you work for a reasonable employer, they’re going to want to avoid their talent burning itself out over the course of a couple of years. Speaking with your manager about your workload could get you more support and resources, redistribute work more reasonably, or even simply introduce new systems to measure work to ensure you’re working smart rather than simply hard.

Of course, if they’re not interested in providing any support for overstretched employees, this could be a signal that they aren’t a good employer in the long term and it’s time to start looking for another job!