Pamper yourself with a spa day at home

Pamper yourself with a spa day at home

November 5, 2015 Off By Jane

As nice as it is to spend a day in a spa, for most of us this is a luxury rather than a regular occurrence. Why not bring a taste of tranquillity and relaxation home by creating your own spa experience? Follow our steps to achieve ultimate bliss in your bathroom at home.

Set the scene

Start off by ensuring that you will be able to fully relax by switching off and getting some peace and quiet. Set your phone to silent or leave it in another room to avoid any distractions from the task in hand- chilling out. Recreate the ambience of a spa in your own bathroom by dimming the lights and lighting some candles. Scented candles are a bonus to create an aromatic environment, along with some quiet music.


Sinking into a hot bubble bath really is the heart of any pamper evening. Soothe sore muscles with bath salts, or try a bath bomb for a lovely scented soak. A steamy shower can have a similar effect if you don’t have a bath, but as the colder evenings draw in you have a great excuse to invest in a bath if you want to make pampering sessions a regular occurrence.


Now is the time to dig out all of those lotions and potions that have been languishing in your bathroom cupboard. Indulge in a facemask or hair mask, smooth on that body scrub or oil and then just lie back and unwind… you deserve it. For bonus points leave your pyjamas or dressing gown on the radiator beforehand, so that they are warmed up ready for you when you exit the bathroom. Hopefully by now you will be feeling a lot more relaxed, and ready to float off to bed and curl up with your favourite book or film.