Making the Perfect Barbecue

Making the Perfect Barbecue

September 21, 2015 Off By admin

Mmm… there’s nothing quite like a delicious garden barbecue with the family. The company is great of course, but the food is even better: steaks, toasty burger buns, vegetable shish kabobs, and to those of us who are creative with our dessert – grilled plantains (try it – it’s delicious!).

But what makes a perfect barbeque? Oh, let me count the ways.

The Grill

We start with the basics – a bad grill means a bad barbeque. If you want to eat well, the very first step is to ensure that you acquire a great garden-grill that will perfectly heat and cook the food. Whether you opt for an electric or a charcoal-based grill, make sure you also have any necessary items for proper cooking, like tongs, sausage holders, and so on. Also ensure that the grill is cleaned and prepped for cooking.

Quality Food & Recipes

When it comes to BBQ steak, in our family, we invest. We prefer to get good quality, grade-A meat  which tastes better. We spice it up perfectly, leave it marinating overnight, and barbecue it for lunch. My husband is in charge of grilling, so he’s now the expert at ensuring it’s perfectly cooked inside and out.

The Company

There’s just something about having family and friends over outside during a barbecue that naturally creates a light-hearted, enjoyable environment. Having people you love come over to enjoy the barbecue with you is one of those lasting memories. Make sure to photograph your time together!

The Comfort

Comfort is a necessary and often forgotten aspect in a barbecue. Whether it’s placing furniture for sitting or a table with plates, glasses and utensils, it’s important to ensure that everyone has a place to sit and eat comfortably. Nothing ruins the environment like having to stand around awkwardly.

The Weather

Combine great, warm weather with sweet, cold drinks in the garden and you have the perfect atmosphere for a barbecue. If it’s too cold, windy or even too hot or humid, guests will have difficulty enjoying themselves. However, when you match the barbecue date with that absolutely perfect weather, it makes the experience all the better.

The décor

Personally, I like to add a touch of my own decoration to the barbecue. I feel that having a few extra decoration items or putting some thought into the look & feel can add positivity to the get-together. When we have night barbecues, I like to place twinkling Christmas lights around the sitting area. During the day, I focus more on colors, like matching the tablecloths and glasses and plates.

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Enjoy your barbecue!