Make Moving With Children Easier

Make Moving With Children Easier

June 6, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

Moving home can be stressful at the best of times. When children are involved, though, those anxieties can reach fever pitch.

Staying calm is a crucial part of the process and you should take every precaution in order to put your mind at ease. That alone will win half the battle, leaving you to get on with the actual job of moving.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving 500 feet or 500 miles, this is a major upheaval. And like it or not, the process will go a lot quicker if your kids are out of the way. There are plenty of activities for parents to enjoy with their children. This is not one of them.

You might have the loveliest children in the world but, on moving day, they will quickly become the bane of your existence. The questions alone will be enough to drive you insane, while their tendency to unintentionally get in the way will only slow down an already painfully long process.

Sending your children to a babysitter is very wise. If they can stay with family then that’s great. If not, then paying a professional is well worth the investment. This decision will help preserve your sanity at this stressful time.

Another major thing to consider is storage, particularly if you are moving into a temporary accommodation between homes. Keeping items in a secure storage by LockAway facility will help break the moving cycle into stages, which should prevent potential cramping from becoming a problem. For some reason, transporting everything into the new house somehow makes the process a million times worse. This method will at least allow you to retain some sense of organisation.

It’s also a great idea to pack a bag of your child’s most prized possessions to keep them entertained throughout the moving process. This should also help them to bring memories of the old home into the new one.

Uprooting the family is unlikely to be a decision made lightly and you’ve probably known about it for some time beforehand. Use that time to prepare your kids for the move. The thought of leaving everything they know behind can be scary for children. Keeping a sense of routine about their daily lives should go a long way to battling these issues. Once they’ve settled into the new home, it shouldn’t take long for them to start loving their new life.

The key to a successful move is ensuring that everyone is happy. For your children, that means removing any fears they may have and helping them gain a level of excitement about the new location. Perhaps you could promise them a trip to a local attraction in order to give them something to look forward to about their new home.

For you, the parents, it’s all about feeling calm and collected. Organisation is the key. Preparation is vital leading up to the move. On the big day, though, you’ll definitely want the kids out of sight in order to let you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

A smooth transition will only benefit them too.