Kitchen ideas for baking fanatics

Kitchen ideas for baking fanatics

February 26, 2015 Off By Jane

Are you an avid baker? If so, then you are in very good company. The whole country has been swept up in a sweet, sticky and delicious revolution – everywhere you look there’s a Victoria Sponge or cupcake waiting to tempt you in an unguarded moment. Along with this increased passion for baking, we are demanding more from our kitchen spaces. No longer satisfied with the poky, poorly designed kitchens that thwart our culinary creativity at every turn, we are moving towards cooking spaces that optimize our chances of creating great tasting food.

The basics

So, what is the recipe for a successful baking kitchen? Well, several essential ingredients are non-negotiable. This list features a good range of back-up equipment including a quality oven and hob, integrated fridge, dishwasher and acres of worktop space. An eye level, integrated oven is perfect for observing the progress of your baking and helps your kitchen to look sleek and streamlined.


Whether you are rolling out pastry, beating up a batter, or icing a special cake, having room to work is very important. A marble worktop, with its cool surface, is ideal for working pastry and will give your kitchen a luxurious, high-end feel. Alternatively, you could choose the cheffy, minimalist look, and opt for stainless steel units and worktops with their convenient, easy clean finish. Catering suppliers are great places to pick up stainless steel kitchen fittings, often at competitive prices. Soapstone gives an organic, softer appearance and sits well in country kitchen settings as well as urban styles while being an easy material to maintain. Wooden worktops work in most kitchens and offer the bonus of being easy to cut and fit yourself.

Triangle theory

Kitchen designers have long sworn by the theory that keeping sink, oven and fridge in an easily traversed triangle makes for the most efficient workspace. Before committing to any definitive kitchen designs, experiment with different options. To reduce costs, try to stick with existing plumbing options, but if for some reason it makes the kitchen impractical, consider a plumbing re-think.

On the shelf

Storage for all your cooking ingredients, mixing bowls, cake stands and small appliances should be generous. Avoid a confusing and cluttered space by planning space for all your kitchen needs. Open shelves displaying favourite bowls or rows of colourful spices can become a pretty feature in serious foodie kitchens. A kitchen island with storage below can add substantially to your storage quota, while also creating extra worktop space. Items that are used frequently, such as knives and chopping boards, should be stored close at hand in custom designed knife blocks or slimline cupboard slots.

Good impression

The overall look of a smooth-running and efficient kitchen should be one of streamlined elegance. While this idea can work in all styles from shabby chic to urban loft, the key is to keep lines clean and neat to give a natural flow throughout. Using integrated appliances creates a contemporary and open aspect that makes a kitchen look inviting and ready for action.

If you are a baking fan who is considering a kitchen re-model, think hard about these vital elements in advance. It could mean all the difference between baking brilliance and an under cooked flop…