It’s All About the Beans: Tips for Choosing and Using a Coffee Grinder

It’s All About the Beans: Tips for Choosing and Using a Coffee Grinder

December 6, 2014 Off By Jane

If making great coffee was as simple as it sounds, then there wouldn’t be a need for baristas to show us how it is done by the professionals.

The art of making the perfect cup of coffee is a combination of factors, from the beans that you choose for your coffee, to how you grind the beans and also how you brew it for best results.

Getting the right equipment is definitely part of the equation and once you have ground your coffee, you can then let choose something like a Bunn® coffee maker from an online supplier such as

The right coffee grinder

Getting a flavorsome coffee can only really be achieved consistently if you have a coffee grinder to go alongside your coffee machine.

The components required for good coffee that a barista would be proud of, are a fresh supply of top quality coffee beans, a good grinder and then freshly drawn good quality water to help you quickly brew a brew to be proud of with your coffee machine.

The type of grinder that you have and the settings it offers, does make quite a difference to how your coffee will end up tasting. When it is time to grind your coffee, you need to decide if you want fine, medium or coarse, or whether or not you are looking for Turkish style coffee.

A good coffee grinder will not only offer you a variety of grinding options but it will also grind the beans properly, equally and consistently, so that you have the best chance of getting the most flavor and texture from the beans.

Manual or electric

A manual grinder is always a tempting option because it is inexpensive compared to an electric version but if you are serious about making barista standard coffee, you will need the grinding options that electric versions offer.

The other choice is whether to go for a burr or blade grinder. A blade grinder is not going to grind the beans as finely and consistently as a burr grinder and in addition to this, a spinning blade can reach a high temperature, which could actually burn the beans and spoil the flavor.

The right grind

The settings you use will depend on the type of coffee you want to make and the type of machine that you are using.

A coarse grind will be best for use in a French Press or a Vacuum Coffee maker, whereas a medium grind is best for an Auto Drip Maker. A fine grind will work well with a Stove Top Espresso pot and also some drip makers, where you put the coffee in the cone shaped filters.

If you do decide to spend the money on a good burr grinder, you will be rewarded with accurate grinding that gives you the best possible chance of making that perfect cup of coffee and you should certainly notice and taste the difference.

Coffee making is an art, but with the right equipment and ingredients, you are giving yourself the best chance of making a brew as good as any barista can achieve.

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