Ideas You Should Consider for Your Garden

Ideas You Should Consider for Your Garden

March 11, 2015 Off By Jane

Your garden can grant an entirely new look to the property, while yielding fresh flowers, herbs, and food. It makes sense to create some different types of gardens around a property, depending on the amount of sunlight and type of soil available. According to Metro Tree, a company that specializes in arbor care consulting, you should also keep in mind the general aesthetic of the property and natural surroundings. Not all gardens need to be high-maintenance endeavors, and there are, in fact, many appealing ideas that will require little to no labor to maintain. Consider some of these unique ideas to give your property distinction, keep costs and labor down, and creae massive curb appeal:

Clever Concepts

When considering various garden ideas, be sure to keep convenience in mind. This might include a pleasant conversation area, outfitted with outdoor furniture and a cocktail table. This will be a great spot for entertaining and relaxing after a long day. Dress up the entrance to your property with some tall and dramatic plants or trees, and use pots to plant them in if the soil in your area is less than ideal. Be sure to add some garden lighting, either through stake lights or solar lamps, to provide safety and security for those using the outdoor space.

Neat Features

Some unique features that aren’t seen everyday include ancient-looking stone gardens, which bring a cool flair to a yard or garden space. These require no maintenance, with the exception of periodic rinsing with a hose to get rid of moss. Install an up light on the ground near your stone garden, boulder, or rock wall to shine up and onto your feature. According to Metro Tree (, this will provide an eerily attractive silhouette amid the rest of the property.

Another easy-to-care-for option is a captivating water fountain. These are found in a wide range of styles and price-points, and a fountain can provide a wide breadth of benefits to those living there. These provide a lovely visual to enjoy while sitting outside, but also supply white noise, which can help drown out distractions and relieve stress. A fountain may also attract thirsty birds, making it a great spot to enjoy and observe nature during warm weather.

Aromatic Beauty

Give the garden a touch that goes beyond the visual and that appeals to the sense of smell. Planting flowers and shrubs that exude a pleasant fragrance attracts visitors to the space. Try different flowers and plants that offer a pleasing aroma, such as roses, wisteria, and hyacinth, but don’t discount the aromatic attraction of some common trees and shrubs. Seek out conifers, such as evergreen, spruce, and juniper, to bring a warm, familiar scent to the air of the property, at an affordable price.

Paved Spaces

One of the best investments a homeowner can make is paving the space around the outside of their home. This includes driveways, paths, and walkways, and could even extend to include installing a concrete patio in the garden of the property. These paved surfaces provide a safe and sturdy terrain for walking, which can be safer for some members of the household, and these also give the home a polished look that enhances overall curb appeal. Use concrete pavers or tiles to create meandering paths in the yard or garden, which will tempt visitors to stop and “smell the roses” as they follow the paved guide through the property.

Try some of these suggestions in the problematic areas of the property, where sun is low or soil is challenging. These ideas will bring an added feature to the home, not only adding to the overall value of the property, but also providing a serene escape for the occupants, too.