I went on a Blind Date and It went Great

I went on a Blind Date and It went Great

October 27, 2016 Off By admin

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It was late summer of 2013 when I said “yes” to a blind date that would change my emotional status for good; interestingly enough, it wasn’t out of desperation, at all. Rather – it was pure boredom.

I was never the one who’s up for these set ups (and I personally used to find them pathetic and fake); even though I did engage in a few, they always made me feel weird, restless and out of place. I honestly didn’t have the patience for all the fake excitement behind it. For me, everything about it was tiring and dull. I never felt the need to drag my love and sex life through the muddy attempts of blind date harmonies (that rendered staged and uncomfortable ploys to get laid), really. And while everyone around me took repeated chances to find their The One online, or through a friend of a friend of a friend… I kept my romances real. There were always guys around me who were giving it a go, and I enjoyed it. I loved the flirting, the temptation, the challenge. I figured “I am young, and this is the time to continually try and fail at love.”

The guys I used to date never managed to make me truly happy. Obviously, the basic happiness all of us need is the one that comes within, but then – you want to have someone standing beside you, making life easier. I needed someone who would hold my hand not because I can’t walk the walk on my own, but – rather – because I can. I longed for a partner, not a shag. I wanted my intellectual and emotional equal to wake up next to. The guys I was seeing failed at it, oh so terribly. Maybe it was my fault, I don’t even know.

One summer afternoon, a friend came up to me, saying she wanted to set me up with her cousin who was going to visit within a month. I laughed, my hands gesturing strong disapproval. Why she would even go there when she had known how disgusted I was with blind dates, I thought. She kept insisting, so I finally gave up. I accepted the setup and now – I am grateful to all Gods I did.

Dora gave me Steven’s number and, being the idiot I am, I texted him first. Thought I played cool. One text turned into a stream of texts, a phone call turned into regular, hourly conversations about everything and nothing, and everything about it felt so natural. Obviously, I would pinch myself from time to time, reminding myself of the possibility of illusion – I was always aware it’s easier to fall for an idea (of a person), than a person himself. I tried to stay rational about the whole thing as much as I could.

He came to town and we agreed to meet the day after. He was supposed to pick me up, so we could go for dinner to my favorite Italian restaurant. And he did. Once I heard the doorbell – my stomach tied into a knot, a rush of hotness overpowered my body, I started sweating, my hands shaking – I was done.

A smile and an awkward hug, both chuckling and noticeably shaking we started walking towards “Napoli”, interrupting each other’s sentences. It seemed like there was so much to say, but we were short for words, both of us. I twirled clumsily in my white little dress, he ran fingers through his hair every now and then, and we both knew we had to move past the awkwardness into something better.

“You know, this is insane. I feel like I know you. Like I’ve known you for a long time, but now, I can’t even talk to you because all I am thinking about is how I want to kiss you”, said Steven nervously, his eyes gazing into mine. The entire time walking, I kept thinking ‘does he like me or not’, worrying about every single thing I said or did. I felt a relief. I moved closer, looked up, pressed my lips onto his and it was the best kiss in my entire life.

I’ll never forget the way he smelled – like the ocean.

That night, he grabbed my hand firmly; three years later, he still hasn’t let go. Each day, I feel blessed.

Girls, let me tell you this; take chances in love, even if they’re blind dates. Coming from a blind dates skeptic – it’s an advice you want to take.