How to Take Quality Family Photos

How to Take Quality Family Photos

May 8, 2014 0 By Adam Kirby

Quality family photos can be hard to get a hold of, unless you plan a day out for it, book a professional, and get everybody dressed up for the occasion. However, sometimes it’s nice to have photos taken in the home or garden, with your family doing things they normally do day to day. With a few tips and tricks, you can actually take quality photos of your family yourself, no outside help needed! Here’s how to do it:

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Seize the Special Moments

Everybody thinks their own child is the most gorgeous of them all, but all kids are naturally photogenic. You don’t need to take posed photos or try to make posed photos look natural, simply try to capture them living their everyday lives. Take photos of them on the monkey bars, splashing in puddles, or doing handstands in the garden. Digital photography and even camera phones allow us to take as many shots as we like without worrying about using up all of the film.

Change up the Angle

If you want a dramatic, unique photo, get on the ground to get a photo from a child’s viewpoint. People don’t usually consider this, but you can get some magical shots. Get lower and lower until you find the perfect angle.

Get Creative with Off Centre Subjects

Everybody naturally tries to centre all of their photographs. However, off center photos can give your photos a more artistic feel. Experiment with framing your subject to the left and right of your photo rather than the middle.

Use a Low F-stop

You can easily get clear photos with a blurred background that looks almost dream-like, if you wish. All you need to do is use something called a lower F-stop. This means you will have to take your camera off auto-focus, but the results will be great! The F-stop tells you how much light you let in while exposing your photo, so you end up with a stunning photo.

Stay Away from Harsh Light

Bad lighting is one of the biggest sins when it comes to photography, but you may not have known that unless you’re a professional like Viva Family Photographers. Midday sun should be avoided at all costs for the best photographs, and shade is actually best. Never have your subject facing the sun as they’ll naturally squint! Do your photo sessions early in the morning or later on at night for a soft light that looks lovely in your pictures. Cloudy days are also great, believe it or not!

Zoom In

Zoom in at times when your children are doing their own thing, unaware that the camera is there. For example, when they’re blowing their breath on the window or looking at insects.

Get Outside

A fun family portrait looks much better taken outside. Simply have fun together in a natural setting and your pictures will show who you really are! Experiment with a range of angles to get some creative shots.

Your family photo album will be fun of arty, creative, professional looking shots if you follow these tips and tricks!