How to Reduce Accidents at Home for Kids

How to Reduce Accidents at Home for Kids

February 11, 2015 Off By Jane

Injuries in the home can occur to both children and adults. Simple safety measures can be taken in the home to reduce the risks to injuries. General negligence of home safety is the main cause of home accidents. The common sources of injuries or unfortunately death in the home include fire, drowning, scalds and burns, falls, choking and poisoning. However, one can never childproof the home completely. Risk of injury can be reduced by making changes in the home, and keeping a close eye of supervision on the children.


Children of different ages are prone to injuries caused by falling. The height that a child falls and the surface hit or landed on will determine the extent of the injuries suffered. To prevent or minimize the falls injuries, some safety measures can be taken. First, tripping hazards need to be removed. Clearing areas makes it easier for the child and even the adults to move around without tripping. Safety gates should also be installed at the top and bottom areas of the stairs. Windows should also be reinforced with locks and window guards and lights should be in place in every area of the house so that one can see the areas around.

Burns, Scalds and Fires

To prevent burns and scalds, some safety measures in the home have to be considered. Smoke alarms that work should be installed in the home. The batteries must be changed regularly and tested monthly to ensure they are in perfect working condition. According to Prime Urgent Care, a company that provides professional medical care, children should be kept away from flames, fires, hot surfaces and liquids. Foods should be fed at reasonable temperatures and bath water tested before baths. As they wander around the house, children should be under close supervision with play areas away from the kitchen. Adults should also be careful as they hold hot drinks and foods around children, when cooking, or ironing while paying attention to fires in the home. Stove guards can also be installed around hotplates with all electrical cords kept far away from children.

Choking and Strangulation

Children can choke from covering their heads with blankets, swallowing of foreign bodies, accidental suffocation or strangulation. This can be prevented by choosing the right toys for children; keeping strings, cords and plastic bags out of reach of children and supervising the children during feeding. Adults can also be accidentally strangled or suffocated in the home. Therefore, cords should be pulled safely and pillows kept in better positions during sleep.


Accidental swallowing of drugs, insecticides, detergents and food poisoning can also occur to both adults and children. Therefore, to prevent poisoning, all chemicals and medicines should be kept out of reach of children and labeled appropriately for safety in locked cabinets. According to Prime Urgent Care (, containers that contained any household chemicals or medicines should be thoroughly cleaned with water and thrown out safely. Some of the garden plants may also be poisonous when eaten. Ensure that children do not put any unknown plants in their mouths.

The home is regarded as the safest place to be. However, it is accident prone to various accidents like suffocation, burns and scalds, falls, and cuts, which can all be prevented by applying safety measures in the home. When any of the accidents occur, one needs to do first aid and call or visit a doctor.