How to Avoid a Bad Hair Day

How to Avoid a Bad Hair Day

November 3, 2015 Off By admin

A bad hair day can have two negative impacts, one on your mind about the way you look and the other on those who see the way you look. Well, agreed that your hair going haywire is definitely not something to laugh at. If you have been having bad hair days too often, it is high time you set things right so that you have a glorious hair day, every day.

1. Start with Haircut

This is exactly where you need to start if you want to turn your bad hair day into a beautiful hair day. Have a professional suggest the type of haircut that would suit you, and then you make the call. Some haircuts may really look great on you however, deep inside, you may feel that they do not suit your image. Go for the style that you will be confident about and you will make heads turn in your direction.

2. Maintaining Matters

Now, you have a great hair cut and what next? Keep working at your hair so that it does not fail on you on your day out. Groom your hair every day without any excuses. Regular maintenance ensures that your locks won’t shock you. Visit your salon regularly to maintain the haircut you are comfortable with so that managing your hair at home becomes easier.

3. Conditioning at Bedtime

You may be too tired to care at bedtime but imagine having a bad hair day the following day and you will be all ready for bedtime conditioning. Use your conditioner before going to bed. Rinse your hair with water the next morning. Conditioning at bed time ensures that your hair stays in place.

4. Importance of Diet

Having a balanced diet is vital to your hair health. Your hair needs the nutrients to grow. Lack of nutritional value in your diet leads to hair loss, which could be worse than you can imagine. Have your share of proteins, vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth. You can stock organic superfood powders to take care of your supplementary needs.

5. Know Your Products

Never let the ads mesmerize you into using a product. Make a wise choice based on your needs and the ingredients in the products. A wrong selection not just causes a bad hair day but ruins your hair altogether. You can ask your hair stylist for assistance.

Olive oil is an excellent conditioner. Take some oil and mix it with aloe vera gel and apply it on your hair. The combination strengthens your hair and is easy to maintain as well.

6. Dry Well for Hair Health

Drying your hair using the right technique will prevent bad hair days. Both air drying and blow drying have their shares of positives and negatives. Whichever technique you use, ensure you do it right. If air drying is your natural choice, avoid using a towel to rub your hair dry. Blot the moisture gently with your towel and detangle the locks with your finger tips. Use a comb with wide teeth on your wet hair once you are done with the initial steps.

Blow drying suits those who are time-deprived. The technique can also be used on cold days when air drying can take ages to get your hair dry. However, if you are about to grab your blow dryer, ensure that your hair is not thoroughly soaking wet. Before using the blow dryer, use a towel to blot out moisture. Hold the dryer around five inches away from your wet hair.

7. Silk Sleep

Do you love anything and everything cotton? Your hair does not, at least while you hit the bed. Sleeping on cotton pillow cases deprives your hair of moisture as the cotton takes away all the moisture. A silk or satin pillow cover can keep your hair moisturized and prevent bad hair days.

It is not humanly possible to have your hair look great every day, but at the same time, you do not want to look like a vagrant or a homeless person with disheveled hair. Make sure you follow these tips to keep your hair manageable and looking great without working too much on them.