Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Electric Heaters

Great Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Electric Heaters

January 22, 2015 Off By Jane

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If you are looking for a cost effective way to heat your home or individual rooms in your household, you could do worse than purchasing German electric heaters.  If you are sitting on the fence and need convincing that they are a good idea, the following article outlines 5 very good reasons why switching to electric heaters is a good idea.

They Are More Effective

With the new electric heaters you can purchase nowadays, noisy and ineffective heating your home is a thing of the past.  Fan assisted models offer an insulated approach to heating with the added bonus of using extra features such as MHR (Magnetic Heat Retention and TDI (Digital Time and Temperature Thermostats)

The MHR feature for instance enables the heater to warm up from even the coldest and lowest temperature within half an hour and even once it has been turned off, it will retain enough heat to continue heating a room for around 40 minutes extra.

They Can Be Financially Beneficial

As they do not use the same amount of electricity as older kinds of heaters, modern German design heaters can actually help reduce your monthly/yearly electricity and energy bills.  This means that by installing these instead of old storage heaters, you can actually warm your house for less money.

They Are More Convenient

Modern electric heaters also feature multi-temperature control, which means that different heaters can be set to different temperatures in different rooms.  This makes heating one room to a desired temperature that is different from another room, very convenient.  You are also able to adjust and set the temperature of these heaters to suit specific times of the day.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Unlike old fashioned storage heaters, modern electric heaters are very environmentally friendly as the heat they produce and provide is not the dry burning heat that expels particles of carbon into the atmosphere.  As well as being harmful to the environment, the carbon release in older heaters can be dangerous for humans, particularly to asthma sufferers.

They Are Stronger and More Stylish

Along with the very practical benefits and positive reasons for buying electric heaters there are also the less practical, but nonetheless important reasons.  Whereas the old storage heaters would often look garishly dull and cumbersome, the new German design gives them a stylish, trendy and cutting edge look and feel.  They will look good in any room with a modern décor.  They are built from materials such as steel consisting of a mixture of chrome and nickel that not only looks good, but improves the longevity of the heater by reducing the effects of corrosion and reducing operational noise.

If you would like to buy electric heaters but still want to hide them or camouflage them, you can find some great DIY and decorating tips here.

Hopefully the above information has given you some food for thought when it comes to deciding how to heat your home and why you might choose electric heaters.  Although electric heaters are undoubtedly going to keep your home warm, it doesn’t help to employ some low key and inexpensive ideas to decrease the amount of heat loss in your home during the winter months that can be found here.