Finding Your Personal Style

Finding Your Personal Style

May 23, 2015 Off By Adam Kirby

I think that we can all agree we are unique individuals. Not one of us is or ever will be the same. We have different thoughts, feelings, characteristics, and beliefs. So why on earth would we want to look the same? Finding your own personal style might take some time, but the important thing is you try. If you don’t try, you’ll go with the flow and copy everybody else for the rest of your life. Boring! Here are some tips to help you:

Make a Collage of Things You Love

If you’re not sure what your personal style could be, make a collage of styles, items, and patterns that you love. You should start to see a bit of a pattern forming, and be able to gauge your style better. If you’re feeling arty, you could do this with magazines and a piece of card. However, Pinterest makes the whole process much easier and you can make multiple collages fairly simply. Maybe you’ll find that you love the ‘grunge’ look, or you have a penchant for vintage clothing.

Find Style Inspiration

I love reading fashion blogs as they are a great source of style inspiration. I check back every time one of my favourite bloggers does a new post and see what they’re wearing. People who know exactly what they’re personal style is know where they take inspiration from. For example, you might hear somebody describe their personal style as a mix between Rita Ora and Keira Knightley. A strange mix I know, but it could work!

Don’t Try to be Anyone Else

Although you should find inspiration, don’t try to be anybody else. You should never copy outfits to the letter. Always put your own spin on a look and let your personality shine through. Many people forget who they are, especially when they become a mum. Experiment with your style and remember who you are.

Test Out a Variety of Styles and See How You Feel Comfortable

You might feel most comfortable in a sweater from Aran Sweaters Direct – Irish clothing perfect for lounging around. However, you might be more comfortable in a skirt and boots. Test out a variety of styles that appeal to you and note how you feel most comfortable. To look good in an outfit, you must feel comfortable in it.

Don’t Buy for the Sake of it

If you need something to wear but can’t find anything you like, don’t buy for the sake of it. Anything that you don’t love to bits will not show off your personality. Avoid buying for the sake of it and instead find new ways to style old things.


Ask How People Would Describe You

What words would people use to describe you? Better yet, what words would you use to describe yourself? Vibrant, cute, and crazy? Wear clothes to reflect that!

If you use this guide, it shouldn’t take you very long to work out what your personal style is. Have fun with it and enjoy discovering yourself!

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