Effective Ways of Teaching Your Kids How to Bake

Effective Ways of Teaching Your Kids How to Bake

February 13, 2015 Off By Jane

Don’t be fooled by your kid’s overall appearance; because hidden underneath their small frame is an inquisitive brain that is hungry for learning and new experiences.

In order to make good use of a kid’s innate curiosity, it is important that parents teach them fun lessons at a very young age. Aside from arts and crafts, animal care, or creative writing, a great skill that you can teach them is baking. Whipping up cupcakes or sweet confections may seem like a complicated task for children. Of course, you can’t help but worry about their safety because they won’t be playing with toys, but rather, actual kitchen utensils and equipment like knives, blenders, electric mixers, or even free standing cookers. However, there is actually a way to actually make baking fun yet safe at the same time, and you can learn about it by checking the short guide below.

1. Let them become familiar with the different baking tools

This is the very first thing that you need to teach to your kid. Once they become familiar with the tools, they will not become too scared with them. Aside from showing them the functions of each tool, you should also teach them the responsible way of handling these tools. Allow them to touch and hold each utensil, even if they are sharp and pointed. In addition, let them use it in simple baking tasks. However, make sure that you are there to supervise them so you can quickly correct their mistakes.

2. Make it interactive

Most kids are visual learners, which mean that they can easily pick up information using pictures or videos. Aside from letting them work in the kitchen, another effective teaching method is by letting them watch tutorials on the internet. You can use this technique if you don’t have enough time to teach them yourself. However, keep in mind that these online videos can only work if the kids apply what they learned in real life. Make sure that you also let them bake their own pastries so they can practice their skills.

3. Keep it light and fun

It is hard to not feel nervous when your kid is surrounded by potentially harmful equipment like sharp knives and hot stoves. When teaching them how to bake, it is important that you stay calm and composed throughout the session. Kids are sensitive to what their parents feel; so if you’re relaxed, they will be calm too. Be wary of their actions, but make sure that you still keep the atmosphere fun and casual.

These are just the essential things that you need to learn about baking with your children. If you can share other useful tips to your fellow readers, feel free to post them in the comments section!