Difference between using an online estate agent against a traditional

Difference between using an online estate agent against a traditional

January 29, 2016 Off By admin

Looking to sell your property? If you simply opt for a traditional estate agent without thinking, you could be making the wrong choice. Plenty of them hide their fees within a mountain of fine print, so that what looks like a good deal at first ends up costing you a bundle. Switching to an online agent, though, means you know exactly how much things are going to cost right from the start, letting you relax safe in the knowledge that your property is in the right hands.

The first thing to be wary of when you sell with a traditional agent is the cost. While they will be keen to stress how little they charge up front, agents like this will most often charge an average of 1.6% of the total sale price upon making the sale. We don’t think this is fair on our customers, so we let you know beforehand just how much everything will cost, with a one off payment of £595 to cover everything. We also disagree with making you pay just for us to give you an estimate on your property’s value, so we are happy to be able to include this for you at no extra cost. On top of that, we’ll even throw in floor plans for your property

Traditional agents are also keen to have you believe that they are your only option by insisting on conducting property viewings themselves. This just gives them more of a reason to add additional fees on to your final bill, and could in fact harm your overall chances of making a sale. Research has shown that buyers actually prefer to owner to be present for viewings, so that’s the attitude we take. You’ll be on hand to give as much information as possible, and you’ll already know what the key selling points of your property are. Since you’re only focused on selling your own property, unlike traditional agents, you’ll be able to stress just how great a choice it is to buyers, and therefore have a much better chance of getting everything resolved much sooner.

Online agents also give you the best chance of having people view your property in the first place. Unlike traditional agents, who are limited to only advertising on particular property sites, we can ensure that your property appears on the most popular sites, so that more people come across it. We spend a lot of time ensuring that your property is well advertised, and that it is presented professionally, so you can rest assured that you will attract a lot of interest and, hopefully, make that sale a lot quicker.

Finally, we extend our policy of complete honesty to the buyer, as well as the seller, to make sure that everyone feels as comfortable as possible with the whole process. Unlike traditional buyers, who prefer to start a bidding war over a property to earn as much commission for themselves as possible, we like to keep things simple. By being clear on how much a buyer should expect to pay, we earn an average of 99% of your asking price for your property- 3% more than traditional agents can manage. As you can see, selling with an online agent really does have multiple advantages, and therefore it’s the perfect choice if you want to sell your property for what it’s really worth.