Choosing the Best Pond Pump

Choosing the Best Pond Pump

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When you are looking to build a pond, there are several things you need to consider. Or, perhaps you have recently moved into a property that already has a pond in the grounds, but it needs attention? A man-made pond will be one of still water, and water that is not aerated – in nature, this is done by moving streams that tend to feed the pond – will soon go green as algae grows, and become unhealthy for living things. So, if you want fish, plants, clear water and to attract the local water-based wildlife, you need to find a way of keeping your water clean and healthy.

The answer lies in one of a choice of pumps and filters, and they really are an essential addition to your pond. There are many different types, which we will talk about in a moment, but essentially the process is this: a pump constantly drives the water in the pond, via a hose, to a filter. The filter involves a series of processes designed to clean the water. The water is then sent, via another hose, back to the pond. This keeps the water suitably aerated, and the water clean and clear.

The Right Pump and Filter

In general, your pump will be of a submersible design; that is, it sits beneath the surface. However, your filter may not be in the water, as some of the more popular models are external, and they tend to be the more efficient and effective designs. These filters include a variety of treatment methods. A UV light will kill the green algae; bacterial filters will get rid of the harmful bacteria that builds up in the water; and the filter will also take away any debris that is in the pond. The result is clear, healthy water that fish, plants, frogs and newts – let alone the many insects that lay there young in ponds – will thrive in.

You need to find a pump and filter that is suitable for your pond, and this means buying a set up suitable for the capacity of water you are dealing with. If you click here you will find a selection of excellent reviews of pond pumps, filters, liners and other accessories, as well as excellent information on ponds and how they are best maintained. In fact, you will find that a pond, to a certain extent, looks after itself once an adequate pump and filter system is in place.

Enjoy Your Pond

A well-designed pond – you can choose pre-formed pond liners if you want as they are easy to install and surprisingly affordable – is a joy to have in the garden, and you can find any number of excellent fountains and other features that give it an additional attraction.

You will find that your pond is a focal point of the garden, too – consider lighting sets that give it an added sense of interest – so make sure you keep the water clean and fresh with the best pump and filter package.

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