Children’s Activities in Pittsburgh

Children’s Activities in Pittsburgh

August 7, 2015 Off By Jane

Traveling with children can be a hassle, regardless of the destination. However, some places are definitely more family friendly than others: Pittsburgh, with its down-to-earth attitude and authenticity, is one of the most welcoming to families with children in tow.  The city is no longer just the bastion of industry that earned it the title of ‘Steel City’; Pittsburgh has transformed to become one of the top tourist destinations in the U.S. with world-class museums and attractions, superb food, sports, and more.  In fact, around half of the U.S. population live within 500 miles of Pittsburgh, making it an ideal weekend getaway for families, particularly those who reside in the East Coast.  Here’s some of the places where both parents and children can enjoy a wide range of activities the great city of Pittsburgh together.

The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

A must-visit museum for families with kids, the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh is designed for kids to participate and learn through innovative and interactive spaces.  The many exhibits teach children valuable lessons on anatomy, nutrition, personal wellness, respect for others and more. Furthermore, learning becomes fun through play in the Makeshop, accompanied with an indoor jungle gym.  This museum, which sees more than 250,000 visitors annually, has long been supported by the Rangos Family Foundation.

Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History

One of the greatest philanthropists of American history, Andrew Carnegie, bestowed upon his dear Pittsburgh two excellent museums families can visit for the price of one.  Take a tour through the Carnegie Museum of Art and see the Impressionist and contemporary pieces housed in its extensive collection.  Kids of all ages can channel their inner Picasso through the hands-on art activities. After that, they can head over to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to make discoveries about science and the natural world.

Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Aquarium, and National Aviary

These three institutions are excellent places in Pittsburgh for children to learn more about animals.  The National Aviary houses hundreds of colorful birds from all over the world including owls, flamingos, and penguins while the zoo, which is more than a century old, is home to over 400 species of animals.  Kids will love the underwater polar bear shows and the Kid’s Kingdom, where they can pet native Pennsylvania fauna.  Stop by the aquarium for all your underwater adventure needs, regardless of whatever sea creature you want from every type of water habitat.

Take in a Sporting Event

If your household is primarily composed of athletic individuals, why not head out to see a professional sporting event? Pittsburgh is home to several professional sports teams including football’s Steelers, ice hockey’s Penguins, and baseball’s Pirates.  The city takes great pride in the local sports teams and you’ll find the residents proudly supporting them in black and gold.  It is the only city in the country where all sports teams share the same colors.

Kennywood Park

For all the thrills your family needs, spend the day in America’s finest traditional amusement parks, Kennywood Park.  The park has offered family fun and entertainment for more than a hundred years and is also home to six roller coasters, ten classic rides as well as a Kiddieland with fourteen unique rides specifically designed for youngsters.  Furthermore, this park is also a National Historic Landmark and the only park to have three rides designated as “Coaster Landmarks”.