A Few Ways in which Meat can turn out Beneficial for your Health!

A Few Ways in which Meat can turn out Beneficial for your Health!

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How often have you heard that meat affects your health adversely? Perhaps, a lot of times!! Since a very long time, red meat has been blamed for a number of Western diseases. In reality red meat is beneficial for your health. If you are consuming naturally fed, unprocessed meat then know for a fact that you are doing a favor to yourself. Let us explore the range of health benefits offered by red meat.

The Benefits of Consuming Meat Explored

It is a virtual store house of proteins: Know for a fact that meat is very nutritious. In fact, it has been found that high quality unprocessed meat is one of the most nutritious food items in the world. Around 3.5 ounces of raw ground beef constitutes huge portions of vitamins (B12, B3) (Niacin), Selenium, Iron and Zinc. Other important nutrients to be found in unprocessed meat include healthy fats. DHA, EPA, Creatine and Carnosine are lesser known nutrients which are found in meat. More importantly, these nutrients cannot be procured from plants. So all you vegans out there—watch out!

DHA and EPA act as the active versions of Omega 3 in the human body and are primarily present in animal foods. If your body is procuring Omega 3 from the plants (i.e. ALA) then there are zero chances of these fatty acids being converted in to active nutrients. Your body cannot convert Omega 3 obtained from fatty acids.

Creatine acts as the energy resource for the muscles and brains and is only found in the animal foods. Once again, vegans often deliver poor physical and mental performance because they do not have sufficient creatine.

Carnosine, on the other hand, acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and offers protection against myriad degenerative processes.

It aids in the development of muscle mass: By procuring meat, you can expect to procure high quality protein which plays a key role in helping your brains and muscles function efficiently. There are 9 amino acids in total which our body cannot produce by itself and must procure the same from diet. It is important to consume animal products since they contain all the amino acids we need instead of plant proteins which are basically nothing more than suboptimal amino acids. So the consumption of animal products directly leads to improved muscle mass. In short, people eating vegetarian products have lesser muscle mass than those consuming animal products.

Meat does not increase the rate of cardiovascular disease: It is not responsible for increasing risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes: Meat (with high cholesterol) is often associated with cardiovascular disorder or diabetes. This is primarily owing to the fact that it contains saturated fat. However, reliable studies have already proven that saturated fat does not increase bad cholesterol in your body and is not related to these diseases in any other way as well.

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