5 Tips to Protecting Valuable Belongings Stored Away in Sheds

5 Tips to Protecting Valuable Belongings Stored Away in Sheds

June 6, 2015 Off By Jane

Sheds are an excellent choice for outdoor storage options and provide you with plenty of room to store valuable garden equipment among other sizeable belongings.

They are of relatively low cost to build but are always a target for thieves seeking valuable possessions stored away in outbuildings. This shouldn’t put you off having a shed in your garden, so the best thing to do is maximise the security of your shed.

One of the main reasons thieves are attracted to sheds is that many people store valuable equipment such as golf clubs, bikes, power tools and lawn mowers. For obvious reasons, sheds are much easier to break in to than houses.

If you’re wondering what it takes to enhance your shed security, the South Yorkshire gate furniture specialists www.qualityironmongery.co.uk provide some helpful tips you can use to deter any potential thieves.

Shed Placement

The area of the garden you choose to have your shed based is fundamental when it comes to preventing a burglary. If you install your shed somewhere where it’s difficult to get a good view from your property, thieves are more likely to take the risk.

Having a view of your shed from the kitchen window is the most efficient choice of placement, while making your shed difficult to see from outside the property is also a helpful way of hiding your shed from thieves.

Shed Locks

In order to lock the shed securely you will need a strong, reliable and high quality padlock or hasp that is well-fitted and secure. If you are using a hasp to secure your shed, make sure that the screws cannot be removed with a screwdriver as this is a common method of entry for many thieves.

Ideally you should try and use non-returnable screws or bolts. Closed shackle padlocks are more difficult to cut with a bolt cutter, so these are also highly recommended.

Shed Doors & Hinges

Once the shed has been locked up securely you need to make sure the hinges cannot be easily removed. Non-returnable security screws or coach bolts are both the best bet to ensure hinges cannot be removed by other tools.

The shed door should be thick and hard-wearing to prevent damage that could cause the shed to become more easily accessible. The door should also be able to resist hard kicks or any other kind of physical attempt to gain access.

Lighting & Alarms

Security lights that shine on to your shed are an ideal way of scaring off any thieves, with the lights being triggered when anyone is nearby. The light flicking on will alert you to someone’s presence and give you time to call the police.

A shed alarm is also a very effective method of security and you can connect your home security alarm to your shed so that you are quickly informed of any trespassers.


If your shed has windows, make sure they are securely locked and fastened to prevent being opened from the outside. Alternatively, you can use a bag of sorts to cover the window and restrict views of the interior. You can increase the security of your shed windows by installing laminate glass or Perspex.