5 Fun and Free Online Cooking Games



If you’re looking for fun cooking games to pass the time, there are plenty of entertaining online games available.

Aside from being fun, these games are a great way to educate kids and adults alike about cooking or even restaurant management.

We picked out 5 of our favorite cooking games that are available to play online for absolutely free.

1) Dining Zoo


This fun game starts with all humans in the world waking up to learn that they have become all kinds of animals.

Now, it’s your task to become a master chef and feed all the hungry animals who each have their own new and unique diet.

As a restaurant owner, you need to feed all the hungry clients while balancing the ordering, cooking and payment.

You even have to buy cooking ingredients at the market!

2) Cooking Show: Muffins


This cute game is a step-by-step baking gaming that teaches how to mix ingredients to bake delicious muffins.

It’s a great learning tool for kids since it’s very simple and they can easily follow the instructions.

3) Pizza Real Life Cooking


As the pizza maker, you need to chop ingredients and put everything together to make an excellent pizza with toppings.

Put as many or as few toppings as you want and design the pizza however you see fit!

It’s a simple but fun game that could keep kids busy with ingredient chopping and pizza creation.

4) Bartender: The Celebs Mix


Probably not the best fit for kids, but a great way for adults to learn about mixing cocktails and creating delicious drinks.

Clients order a drink and it’s up to you to figure out how to mix it while getting hints from the bartender.

Get it wrong and you may create a deadly combo that kills your guest – oops!

5) How to Cook Everything

This is one of the more unique cooking games out there – you need to make do with a strange and crazy variety of ingredients.

Like the name says, you literally cook everything – old food, pencils, dollar hills, mobile phones and even rubber chickens.

In the end, you need to present the meal to the client but will it even be edible? That’s the challenge!