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Professional Pest Control Solutions for All

If there’s one problem that every household – and indeed many businesses – suffer from, it’s that of pests! In the USA we have an abundance of wild creatures that can cause a variety of problems in the home and other buildings. Not only are we subject to infestations of mice and rats – common rodents that it can be difficult to avoid – but from larger animals such as raccoons, skunks and squirrels, each of which can cause damage to the home and garden.

Then there are the tiny pests, the ones that we often can’t see but can certainly feel! Bedbugs have made something of a comeback lately, largely due to cheap international travel, and ants are a perennial problem for great numbers of households. Bees can also be a problem, and a dangerous one if disturbed, and termites can cause serious structural damage in a short time. So, what is the answer? How best do you deal with pests?

Off the Shelf or Professional Help?

There are off the shelf products you can buy to try and eradicate some of the pests mentioned above. Bugs such as ants and fleas may be removed by way of a number of products – smoke bombs and more – and you can also put rat poison down for the rodents. But many people, quite sensibly, do not like to use these DIY products as they often involve some quite dangerous chemicals.

Rat poison, after all, is dangerous for your pets – let alone children – so should not be used in a home where there are young people and animals. Many other products of this type are also chemical-based, and they are substances that can have quite nasty effects. The best route to a pest-free home is to engage the services of a professional pest control service provider, one that uses the latest techniques and has experience in dealing with your sort of infestation.

Choosing a Pest Control Company

There are a many companies offering pest control services in the Connecticut area, so we recommend you look for one that has experience in the particular pests you are experiencing. The best pest control companies will be able to help with everything from bed bugs to wildlife problems, and will do so using the best techniques and materials, and have plenty of experience in the field.

Look for a company that has a website featuring customer testimonies and, if you are looking for commercial pest control solutions, one that has experience of working with pests in the workplace, which can present a very different problem to those in the home.

With the most efficient pest control companies you can enquire about their services – or ask for a quote – by filling in an online form. Some also allow you to attach a photograph of the pest or the damage in order that they can assess what they need to do to tackle it. The best way to get rid of pests is to get the experts in so if you have a problem, get in touch now and get started.