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6 Family-Inspired Décor Items for Your Home


For people who do not have professional decorating expertise and experience, which is the case for most of us, thinking of home décor is overwhelming. If you want your happy family to inspire your home décor, keep on reading and we’ll round up the best décor ideas to consider.

  1. Framed Photo Prints

This is one of the best ways to showcase your family in your home décor. Take advantage of the free photo prints you can get from Shutterfly to do this on a budget. You can print a large family portrait, frame it, and display it in the foyer or living room. If this seems too grand and if you cannot select a single photo to show off, you might want to build a gallery wall, which is also sure to be a great conversation starter when you have guests.

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  1. Hang Pics in a Clothesline

For a more bohemian and rustic appeal, ditch the frames. Instead, use a clothesline to pin your family photos. This works best for small prints like those from Polaroid or Instax cameras. This is a great way to showcase family memories, such as a recent vacation. Use only small-sized photos. To make it more magical, add a string of fairy lights.

  1. Say It with a Quote

Use family quotes to make your décor more meaningful. There are several ways by which you can incorporate inspirational quotes into your décor, such as through texts that accompany photo prints, framed art, and even a customized wallpaper.

  1. Family Tree on the Wall

This is one easy creative project that most of you can easily pull off. Start by painting the wall white so that you will have a blank canvas. Draw a tree. On its branches, display framed photos of each family member. If you are a big family, make sure that the wall has more than enough space for everyone.

  1. Memory Jar

Buy a big jar where you can keep everything that reminds you of your family, such as plane tickets and other mementos from family travels. Display it in the living room and show it off to your guests. It is a good way to start a conversation with your guests as you try to explain the meaning of everything that is in the jar.

  1. Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books are presentable. They add a decorative element on the top of any table. One secret to making it stand out is to choose oversized ones. Make the coffee table book interesting by adding family photos. Take this as an opportunity to tell a story. For instance, you can collate pictures from your favorite family vacation. Add quotes and notes about where the photo was taken to make it more special.

Make your home more beautiful with décor that is inspired by your family! Take note of our suggestions above to do this creatively!

Downsizing: How to Do It the Right Way


Whatever your reason for downsizing is, it is important that you know how to do it correctly. In the infographics below, we listed down the reasons why downsizing is a good idea as well as the tips on how to get started.

Graphic created by Pivotal Home Solutions