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5 Tricks That Will Make Your Living Room Super Cozy

No matter the size of your living room, you want coziness there, the warmth and comfort for relaxation, as well as for entertaining guests. And if you’re not getting all of that from your living room, you need to make some changes. Here are five tricks for turning your living room into a super cozy place.


The first thing you can do to make your living room a homey and cozy place is to paint the walls in warm colors. Subtle hues of pink or green on one or all of your walls will certainly help, as will most shades of yellow or gold. Painting your walls light purple or peach would be a nice, discreet way to warm up your living space. Opting for red or orange can be a good idea, too, but be careful not to make it too bright. You don’t want to feel like screaming whenever you enter your living room. And if your walls are grey or white and lack the desired warmth and coziness, make it work by adding leather or furry details, such as cushions, furniture covers or blankets.


If your living room has big windows, consider yourself blessed. There’s nothing like natural light to brighten up a room, so, whenever possible, move the curtains to the side of your windows and let the light in. However, where this is not enough, compensate with appropriate lamps and chandeliers. Table or floor lamps can provide your living space with that perfect, pleasurable glow. Plus, choosing the right lampshade can do wonders for your room. On the other hand, if you choose overhead lighting, think about a vintage chandelier or several lanterns on your walls. Mind you, chandeliers can greatly contribute to the charm of a room, if you choose them in the right color and shape.


This is probably the most important aspect of every room, including the living room. The furniture you choose will determine the coziness of your living room, or the lack of it. So, buy couches with premium fabrics or leather coverings, modular sofas with huge cushions or a lovely armchair. You don’t even have to worry if some of your furniture is mismatched, since that can also be a nice and interesting way to make your living room comfy and intimate. Adding a chaise longue or some big pillows on the floor will give you and your guests more options for sitting, while giving your living room some character and style. Add a bookshelf with your favorite book collections, an old-fashioned chest of drawers or even your grandma’s old secretary for a snug living room.

The floors

Choosing the right type of flooring is a good start, so choose warm, wooden floors. And don’t stop there. Put carpets in your living room to make it more comfortable in more ways than one. Stepping barefoot on a cold floor never feels nice, so avoid it by choosing lush carpets in warm colors. Ones with long and thick threads can protect your living space from the outdoor cold and insulate your room to prevent heat loss. If you think a carpet is too much, pick a rug or two, at least underneath your living-room table.

Decorative details

Even if every wall and every piece of your furniture looks cold and brings a chill to your bones, you can always freshen and warm them up with various decorative details. From the curtains on your windows, to the photo frames on your walls, these are the little things that can make a huge difference when decorating your living space. Choose pastel colors for your curtains, get a bunch of large cushions in various colors and made of different materials, or a fluffy colorful blanket to keep you warm while watching TV or reading your favorite book over a hot cup of tea. Also, live plants in all shapes and sizes, planted in nice pots, can make your living room look lovely and pleasant to the eye. Framed pictures of family and friends will bring joy to your heart every time you look at them, and the right artwork on your walls can turn your room into whatever you want it to be. Plus, your guests will feel good when visiting you if they see the thoughtfulness and love you’ve put into your living room décor.

Whether you’re about to decorate your living room, or you’ve already done it and don’t really like it, these tricks will make it easy to fix any problem you might have and turn your living space into a delightful space. Plus, you can adjust the changes you make to your budget.